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Selecting method of floor lamp, it is important to note that the four o 'clock!

by:Longjian     2020-09-25
Selecting method of floor lamp, it is important to note that the four o 'clock! The height of a floor lamp, height is unfavorable and exorbitant, should not be more than three-quarters of the indoor height, with 1. 70 m - 1. 80 meters high floor lamp, for example, the ceiling height in 2. The effect of more than 40 meters high can affect the aesthetics effects, and low light will be concentrated in a small piece of range, less effective under two, anti-dazzle lampshade light along is unfavorable and exorbitant, otherwise will produce glare, direct stimulation of the eyes, cause uncomfortable sense; Three, color temperature and color rendering choose high color rendering low illumination: namely Ra90 above, the most eye color temperature around 3000 k. A more simple way, is the hand stretched to light source, to see the color of the palms, if red, the color temperature is just right, color rendering, if the palm blue or purple, that color temperature is too high; Four, one, two, three, four touch 'pull' refers to the power cord plug from the socket, hard pull the power cord to the lamp cavity, whether the power cord connection is firm. The power cord can't fall off from the lamp cavity; 'Tune' refers to the various working position adjust the floor lamp. Regulation, can't make a sound, the adjusted working place should be convenient and reliable to lock 'shake' refers to the floor lamp to the most unfavorable working position, and then gently shake floor lamp placed flat, see if that tip over the floor lamp, floor lamp stability is bad, can easily over, 'Touch' refers to the floor lamp lit for a period of time ( 2 hours) Later, with the hand touch lamps and so on easy to hit a fever when using parts for hot and was accidentally burns when in case of future use;
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