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See how he in jiangsu market achievement is not the same

by:Longjian     2020-08-30
Jiangsu changzhou a second only to the ancient town is acted the role of gathering, here brought together more than 8000 large and small lighting distributor, here also is the importance of each brand manufacturer, at the same time in the air filled with the smell of fire at any time, in the intense competition in the market today, want to place in the land, to stand out is not easy thing! On September 16, 20162016 original beauty lamp 'military' series of the first paragraph, will cause concern about the general lu, land use general words said, let a person shine at the moment, from now on with lu fate began his, he and his wife together to headquarters, and s some kind of chat, s original intention for love, for the product artistic talent and perseverance, original development ability continuously, and accurate market positioning, i. e. , 6. 500 million middle-class consumers and let him see a future development momentum and potential, and then decided to seize the opportunity to immediately start the service center of jiangsu project! City, county agents to join. Jiangsu branch 2017 brand in jiangsu province are able to such rapid development, the key reason depends on our service center of jiangsu Lu Boren, head of the total, lu lu total precipitation in the industry for more than 20 years of experience and contacts, he started from the day when I decided to cooperate with, took the fight for the life as his career, his goal is to get the brand influence is made in jiangsu, to an insurmountable height! He is a very visionary ideals and requirements; He makes every effort to perfect style, strong execution, is decides the foundation for steady development in jiangsu province. Him from the beginning of the store layout, special attention to detail and atmosphere building, even if it is small adorn article to the desktop furnishing articles he is selective never will, his store the presents of the eyes, it is less popular in the whole lamps and lanterns city environment, only the showrooms dealers from all directions every day visit to emerge in endlessly, his love of products from the heart, the interpretation of professional introduction, let him every time when talking to a customer, face is permeated with beyond compare with confidence! < < Slide to see one picture & gt;> Lu total original management idea is also very worthy of our praise highly and learn from, of his high demand, for each franchisees choose were very request, location should be in core exposure of specialty stores, and in the local is very influential, can contract depth cooperation, this is a responsible for the customer, responsible for the brand, is also a very responsible attitude to myself! As well as the guarantee for an uptick in jiangsu regional sales! For nearly three years to upgrade our cooperation again and again, we saw each other, simply do not need to say too much, just have a deep understanding, his share of the determination and perseverance, deeply moved us, he is a very worthy of our learning model. A good product also needs to meet understand her, love her, cherish her, is like to fall in love get married, meet the right person in right time, combining the best of the brand go down! Hope more like-minded Claire join, become our people! END like it, don't forget to focus on - zhongshan city lighting co. , LTD. , Tel: 0760 - 89851636 web: Add: guangdong province zhongshan city. near emerging road no. 13
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