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San Diego to deploy the first intelligent lighting system in the United States, LED lighting

by:Longjian     2020-10-17
San Diego deployment of America's first intelligent lighting system, according to McKinsey & company in June, according to a report in the world for more than half of the residents living in a city, this figure will continue to grow. In 2014, the San Diego began using lighting. At that time, the city installed a call LightGrid wireless network, for remote assessment and control of more than 3000 streetlights. Since then, the San Diego can save more than $250000 a year electricity and maintenance costs. San Diego trial was conducted in the United States the first intelligent lighting applications, mainly in the city's little Italy ( 小意大利) Lamps and lanterns of renovation and Gaslamp area. The project in the center in San Diego, on a trial basis, mainly USES the 'urban intelligent environment system. This is the machine ( Here mainly refers to the LED street lamp) And case of the industrial network interconnection, the network, the software can be applied to analysis of equipment and data cloud interconnection. All lights are equipped with sensors and computer vision software, parking information and other data can be input cloud platform Predix industrial network, and then carries on the real-time analysis. , San Diego, deputy chief operating officer David Graham said: 'due to the emergence of smart city technology, a San Diego with a form of a few years ago seems unlikely to play a street lamp. 'the city government officials are from the trend of the new trial research data, determine the best benefit for the city and its residents. The potential application of this system are endless. These data can help software developers to build effective parking app, can direct the user to open, and then allow them to payment on mobile phones. For example, the White House announced last week that it will invest from 1. 600 million dollars to a new 'wisdom city' initiative. According to the White House press announcement, the new technology partner will use the money to help the community to meet the most pressing challenges. This is a very smart idea. Source: hurricane LED net
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