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Sales in the process of electric fireplace to show what content?

by:Longjian     2020-10-22
Electric fireplace heating effect is obvious, can act as a traditional fireplace, can play again after upgrading unique properties and advantages. Electric fireplace good service attitude good, easy to capture the customer's favor and trust, which involves the stand or fall of real experience. Still need to confirm the electric fireplace are of good quality can rest assured purchase, quality is the basis of using the product and the safeguard in the future. Electric fireplace for sales for the core network or institutions, needs to show three parts in the process of propaganda. 1, live demonstration operation fireplace start-stop method of electric fireplace start-stop method needs after the show, the reason is that many consumers know little about the product, knowledge still stays in the early period of time, there are even consumers consider operation way too complicated. Sales personnel should through the actual line to inform consumers fireplace operation is very simple, a button can get start and stop, to control the rise and fall of temperature. 2, live demonstrations of virtual electric fireplace flame from the formation of a fireplace virtual fire needs after the show, part of the reason is embodied by the consumer is bought, after the actual improvement of fireplace, in order to meet consumer demands for flame of ornamental, have adopted the principle of 3 d imaging. Will appear lifelike virtual fire in the fireplace, once start can quickly see the flames. 3, fireplaces, temperature distributing not accumulate some consumers worried about the surface electric fireplace after the surface will be too hot, if a child accidentally touch will burn, this worry is superfluous, sales personnel to the scene to show the whole process of temperature rise, when the temperature reached a certain level, the fireplace invited the consumer deeply to breed surface temperature, will find that is not very hot. Sales in the process of electric fireplace to display the contents of three parts, so as to lead consumers to set up correct cognition. Sometimes relying on account of language is pale, alone is not enough to make the customer totally convinced. Visible live demonstration and inherent impression of electric fireplace will change the consumer, will also contribute to promote trade.
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