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Said the art light reflects the common element is acted the role of Chinese culture

by:Longjian     2020-09-13
As the appearance of lighting tool has been one thousand years until now, now it is not only a festival of arts and crafts, there is a kind of historical background of faith in succession, traditional lanterns, plus one thousand years of culture makes Chinese art lamp and palace lantern in the world. In art lamp, LED acrylic lanterns, LED plastic lanterns, the influence is as times lighting lamps LED plastic lanterns, reflects the common art lamp is acted the role of Chinese cultural elements. Its representative is very strong. Art lamp and other advantages such as low quantity of heat, miniaturization, echo time is short and so on, all of these make the art of lamps and lanterns has the upper hand. Art lamp is made Chinese knot led products for ordinary light pole lamp modelling, can be mounted on the light pole, with street lamps light up at night, for the city streets night view lighting products, led to apply led double lamps creative lighting art scene, clever with the aid of light pole carrier, make one integrated mass, light color and lighting and landscape culture harmony in harmony, make streets appear open and rising and falling, the beautiful and modern city atmosphere. Art lamp is hot now, but at the same time the problem of too much, as the product sell like hot cakes, peer competition strength big, art lamp and subject to change with the price, the quality of the art of the lamp on the market price is differ, some even to. At the same time reminds us that the masses of customers, my friends, who at the time of buying art light don't strive for low on price. At present China most of the LED lighting products are imported come back, so is still under the influence of foreign economic, offer has also improved, form a negative impact on China's art lamp industry. But less species, competition is big, coupled with the quotation, many consumers 'away', it's also one of the many manufacturers have always produce a normative management mode of reason. Want to change the status quo, first will be from the beginning of down production cost, falling threshold, closer to consumers can accept the price. Although simple, foreign economic influence, the art of China light industry investment overheating, excess production capacity, the whole market is facing excessive competition, must shorten the customer's investment payback period, stable talent status quo. But then, they want to pick up the weapons of price war, is also the art of the lamp price has always been one of the main reasons for high.
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