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Return to a pure - light amplification emotion, space LED modern lamp

by:Longjian     2020-10-09
Return to a pure - light amplification emotion, space LED lights in the modern lamp don't look down upon the space, there are LED modern light elements, these invisible touch design elements is affecting your household decorates meticulously. Warm or quiet, composed or lively, or romantic warmth, the adornment of the same style, different lights are create a very different temperament. Living room form is greater than the function, use frequency is highest in the household space area, is also the most can reflect the central part of the household temperament. The lighting here its adornment sex is often greater than functional requirements. So, we can choose the modelling of lamps and lanterns that oneself like, let the appearance of lamps and lanterns has become a unique decoration in the space. It is worth noting that the sitting room is usually belong to the public space, there needs to be relatively homogeneous soft light environment. So remember to install the light source of lamps and lanterns up, and use the top in the face of the whole space to diffuse lighting. After the reflected light is different from direct lighting, can reach every corner of the space, let a space have obvious dark corner. At the same time, according to the need can be appropriate in some corner to decorate canister light, could make up for a lack of artistic illumination lamps and lanterns already so embarrassing, and can make the light more evenly, adding space of vision fully. Sometimes, the sofa of the sitting room is used for reading may, therefore, the sofa on the back of the floor lamp is indispensable. Supremacist study study function space have obvious function, general with elegant, peaceful and tranquil atmosphere is preferred. So, in this kind of function of the environment, the leading role of lamps and lanterns must not be in the form of space, that is, the principle of the illume of the study is decorated is meet the requirement of illuminance shall prevail. Need to pay attention to is not in the study shoot the light, because of its light stimulation, abrupt, is likely to cause glare. The use of second to meet different needs, in addition to the top mounted the droplight with integral illume, also need to install point source in the local position of space. Such as shelf behind the top of the layer board, sofa, desk layout on tube lamp, floor lamp and desk lamp, can illuminate the whole space already so, also can let the point light focused on the space where the light. Bedroom warmth of diffuse almost everyone wants to own the bedroom as far as possible to warm and elegant. So, in addition to change the colour of metope, of course, we can use lighting to give space to some kind of a makeover. As far as possible using the diffuse lighting the whole bedroom space. In the position of the vertex Angle or kicking some lamp chamfer design, let the light to the top surface or ground illuminate, then through these parts of the reflected light to complete space lighting. At the same time, the intensity of the light don't have to be very high, the goal is to make uniform and faint diffuse to the bedroom to create a quiet, comfortable, comfortable atmosphere. At the head of a bed or sofa, and other important position, of course, can decorate appropriately point light source, to meet the needs of the provisional local lighting. The combination of global and local illumination method usually bring some dramatic pleasure for space. Bright and spacious restaurant as the leading restaurant lighting needs to be bright, but should pay attention to avoid low colour temperature of lamps and lanterns, only light slants cold tonal can make originally not spacious space is relaxed, fully. Mensal upper part can choose a few high chromaticity of lamps and lanterns, at the same time pay attention to the chimney to decorate down over the table, the goal is to make you rich cate more attractive. If the home restaurant bar or small folding table, can be installed above them a light freely telescopic droplight. This can save a space already, also can let a space to use more flexible. Bathroom space generally do not see the truth in detail place toilet is very big, so can increase dimensional feeling slants cold tonal lamps and lanterns should be the best choice. In addition, need not live sparingly use lamp or tube light, installed in sanitary ware are at the top of the shoot the lamp to be able to maximize the performance its smooth and shiny surface texture. Second, can be appropriate to consider before the mirror, implement and nozzle above the upper canister light, so way of lighting lighting system can avoid the influence of water vapor on the line of sight. Normally, the modelling of lamps and lanterns of toilet is very easy to be ignored, if you don't pay attention, you can choose the lamps and lanterns of in conformity with the adornment style of your home. In addition to lighting, as modelling, colour, function of the fourth most important design elements, already more and more attention by people. Abandon all superfluous trival adornment, let light amplification for our emotions, undo the pure space.
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