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retaining wall lighting

by:Longjian     2020-02-29
Search for the retaining wall lights so you have the retaining wall.
Sure, it looks great during the day, but now you want to light it up.
Unless you are an experienced electrician, you may not know where this DIY project starts.
Most of us use Google search for the Internet by default.
This is a good starting point but will allow you to swim in a lot of results.
Don\'t be afraid, it\'s actually a relatively easy process.
Let\'s take a look at the best options for your retaining wall lights.
Retaining wall is a structure that combines soil in two different terrain.
According to layman, their walls prevent the movement of dirt.
The retaining wall can be made of wood, stone and bricks.
For our purposes, let\'s focus on the concrete block retaining wall.
The walls are made up of stretchers, corners and hats.
The first class is below the retaining wall.
The lamp is usually 6 inch wide.
Connect the thin edge of the flat steel to the aluminum panel.
The panel can have a range of colors to match your wall.
Powder coated aluminum bronze is a popular choice due to natural tones.
These are the easiest to install so far.
Drilling or drilling is not required.
There are multiple forms of the next type of stretcher light, but as a broad umbrella term we call it an internal stretcher light.
This fixture must be installed inside the stretcher.
A square hollow block 6 inch wide is mounted in the position of a stretcher.
These lights are the first to come on the market, but they are not very popular compared to the current top lights.
Do not forget to install supplies when purchasing retaining wall lights.
The lights here are all low voltage.
This means that any homeowner can connect 12-2 wires are needed.
Waterproof connectors and Transformers are also required.
It\'s usually economical to buy the entire lighting kit as all the supplies are included.
Your retaining wall allows selection before you install the wires.
Many people choose not to install lights to save upfront costs.
If you decide this option, then use 12-2 wire.
This will make it easier for you to install top lights in the future.
If you like stretcher lights, these should be installed with your walls.
No matter what kind of retaining wall lighting you choose, it is a simple, valuable and great choice to add beauty to your home.
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