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Restaurant lighting tie-in tips, you learned to | zhongshan lamp

by:Longjian     2020-10-01
Restaurant lighting tie-in tips, you have learned? Types and the type is various, restaurant lighting installation a distinctive modelling of lamps and lanterns, to the whole space beautification, the function of the foil warm atmosphere, the restaurant often is an organic whole repeatedly with the sitting room or kitchen, so in terms of choice of lamps and lanterns design must consider the is linked together with the room adornment style, modern and classical, Chinese style, European style. If it is a free-standing restaurant, the choice of lamps and lanterns, the combination can be more heart, as long as the whole style with furniture. What are the restaurant lighting tie-in skill? Guangzhou lighting is for you to introduce a ~ 1, local lighting, restaurant lighting system in the design should be given priority to with local lighting, table above is a hotspot, promote whole decorates aesthetic feeling, dimmer, can also produce candle light effect. Might as well choose the bell type, long type, combination type lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns and dining-room whole adornment style should be consistent, to reach the restaurant atmosphere for bright, soft and natural illumination requirements. 2, assist lamplight environment: auxiliary lights for foil restaurant sweet and comfortable atmosphere plays a very important role, there are many means of using auxiliary lighting, such as art, the local lighting of the ornament, or wall lamp to metope to use material and color separately described, etc. To light and shadow foil environment, under the premise that highlight the main light source, the arrangement of light and shadow to do order, is not disorder. Only appropriate to reduce some parts of the light intensity of illumination, to highlight the area of want to emphasize. 3, light warm color: white light is the most easy to control and grasp, white is the most pure, so it is difficult to effect. Might as well use warm color light and warm color make closer distance between people, and most of the items belong to warm color department. Warm color food under the warm color light will not deviate from the original. At the same time warm color light on tableware can let appear bright, clean tableware. , won't make the person produces the feeling of cold, brings the appetite. Restaurant as an important place for household life emotional communication, eating sweet atmosphere build is particularly important, restaurant lighting good collocation, can build a comfortable dining environment, not only for emotional communication between family members also plays a considerable role.
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