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Read the fireplace has necessary fittings, no regrets

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
To dress not installed the fireplace, a lot of people view is different, some say, install a fireplace in the different region amorous feelings and warm sweet home, someone said, to heating, air conditioning, heating, not necessarily the fireplace. So what do you want to install the fireplace? With what effect? Below we together to analyze. What role does the fireplace? 1, the warm fireplace, as a kind of special heating, warming faster, the characteristic with good effect. Compared to the air conditioning heating effect is better, when the room temperature Below 10 ℃, the lose of air conditioning system of warm, can not meet the need of the warming effect. And the heating power of the fireplace is much larger than all kinds of air conditioning, heating, in - Under the temperature of 10 ℃, 40 - 100 - square - meter house, fireplaces ignite 10 minutes, can express the indoor temperature rise to more than 20 ℃. 2, good health, if it is fireplace, can make the air 'warm and don't do it', not like air conditioning, make the skin itching. Natural fire produced by thermal radiation can promote the blood circulation of human tissue, enhance the neuromuscular activity, promote child bone growth and development. Have auxiliary therapy effect, can remove the body moisture, such as arthritis, rheumatism has a good effect, is beneficial to human body health. 3, decoration in addition to heating, fireplace also have very good adornment effect, such as there is a kind of lasting appeal restoring ancient ways, fireplace flames give a person visual impact, strong adornment effect is good, very suitable for American, European, and retro decoration. The fireplace is the soul of the villa, is visible to the warm, is the window decoration. 4, cohesion is an energy field fireplace, have cohesive force, is the place that the family emotional communication. In everyone's 'bow' now, the family get together around the stove or do other things, is unmatched by other places. 5 fire, courage to ward off bad luck is the origin of the development of human civilization, the ancient people at the entrance to cave dwelling burning fire can scare beast, clan personnel safety protection, take a torch mountain road is now a generation of memory. 6, fun little fireplace so simple, it is not only heating roast sweet potato, grilled corn, chicken leg. 。 。 。 。 。 Different from the oven, nature, the baking food, unique flavor. Enjoy it, the kid's favorite. Is there a need to install the fireplace? Fireplace in addition to heating, but also has the function of decoration, beautiful and use it to keep warm than air conditioning healthier, more freedom than heating, if conditional word, a is also possible. In a word, don't put the fireplace or look at yourself. In this paper, by the fireplace arrange release!
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