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Quick clean lamps and lanterns of two small American coup

by:Longjian     2020-09-29
Quick clean lamps and lanterns of two small American coup! Now American decorate a style is more and more popular with the masses and love, not only in terms of furniture and soft outfit, choose a feast for the eyes of American lamps and lanterns, can let a person shine at the moment, but is the atmosphere of American lamps and lanterns is beautiful, but do not facilitate cleaning and maintenance, now lighting come and we talk about how to clean the problem ~ American lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns to clean small coup 1 lamp shall be installed in the toilet, bathroom equipped with moistureproof lamp shade, otherwise will shorten the service life. In the lamp of the kitchen should pay special attention to prevent lampblack, because oil accumulation will affect the brightness of the light; Light transmittance of light color lampshade is better, but easily touch ash, to be diligent about to wipe, lest affect light penetration degree. It is worth noting that the lamps and lanterns is good don't wash with water, dry, if accidentally run into water to try to avoid by all means use wet dishcloth to wipe immediately after turn off the lights. Lamps and lanterns of American diluted detergent cleaning small tips 2 + cloth: when cleaning the chimney, the chimney of different material can use different methods to clean up. If it is frosted glass chimney, removable, soft cloth to wipe, clean with special glass for stubborn stains, daub toothpaste wiped repeatedly, corner, out of the reach of face cloth can also use toothpicks remove dust. Plastic prone to static electricity, also can be sprayed first anti-static spray. It is important to note that how do you do choose to clean up in the morning, so after a whole day's air buy evening lamps and lanterns, lamp shade dry completely, can prevent short circuit due to damp. That is the lamp ACTS the role of summary, about two small coup, clean lamps and lanterns of American you master here? Hey hey, I hope this article can ~ real help to you
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