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Put aside all prejudices with arrogance, consider a fireplace in the Chinese heritage

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
The origin of China also has a fireplace with inheritance? I used to read books, want to know the answer from sages mouth, but more open the floodgates, how to say, is just like the same things equals LunJiao meeting, can often chat and deep each other and are reluctant to reassure; Maybe, I should read three times, but spare time but also have a thought that is where the mistakes, how to correct, in one night, one day, of course, it is possible that a dream has a tall person to give directions, I didn't know a thing - — Peers LunJiao most ridiculous, if in the rites the record of the original form of the fireplace, so you can when he is a wise man, a witness, one of the instructors is not a way, because of its itself is the way people, also itself is a legend, a written by his own legend. Flame and fireplace with the use of his nation, is inclusive. More than two thousand seven hundred years ago, a group of carefree boring books to the teacher speaking is for students in the home division said the row took down such a words: 'and when studies custom it, not also said? There is companion come from afar, joy? People do not know but not best, not as well a gentleman? 'Half of the analects can treat the world, a analects of Confucius is bitter among students, write here you might think I am a little beside the point, in also speak in front of the fire and the fireplace capacitive here directly quoted Confucius's comments, mean to -? No no, this words are explained in this I was not here, I believe that the Chinese teacher's thorough and accurate than I say. Begins when I said I want to talk about your feeling, that feeling is what? At least there are inclusive, because for this a few Numbers: I think I can understand so: I, Confucius, my speech is not accepted by the people, this and what is not happy? Have to understand I understand my friend come to see me from afar, is this still not happy thing? People who don't understand I can't understand my theory, rather than angry with somebody else, because this isn't a gentleman. You and I are not Confucius, how can know what you really want to say is? Flame and fireplace with the use of his nation, is a bloody. As is known to all, huaxia group at the beginning really is resided in shandong, jiangsu and other provinces as part of the region, after one thousand years of evolution, as against the steamed bread as fast speed, to develop into today's well-known well-known 960 square kilometers of vast China, don't think those places are filling words fee, fight in our poking fun at the north neighbour Russia today is national, open all the Chinese people's genealogy, pushing up in five thousand, you will be surprised to find that their fathers, their ancestors, their ancestors that's serious fighting people. One holding a sword cut off the enemy's head, pair of classics education offspring of their own, gentleman's six arts to alongside, book of six arts to enlightenment. They said within the four seas can make me strong, the han people, although far will over here they said I have a bite, the people of the motherland chow mein with snow don't eat Fried noodles with snow, they said to figure out a suitable for China's own development path, of course, their descendants, we now have inherited the grace of the fathers, can eat three meals, have convenient, live a flame and knits and become the warm fireplace. Fire with fire the product of the greatest Chinese characters of the Chinese nation is the same, attaches great importance to the inheritance. Don't know which year which month of foreign news in a textual description of pile in the corner, so foreigners was surprised at the high school students can be hard but seventeen or eighteen full read some articles on the foot of the mountain stone 7800 years ago, because the history book of dynasty years change, noted in a crop and crop, but the language of record happened never changed, culture has never changed, revered by the spirit of education has never changed, once the cold window study hard, as the scholar has cold porridge for food by the fireplace, baked, fine taste ancestors spread hundreds of culture. As boss of east Asian culture circle, at least I think so, we output the tang and song dynasty to the Japanese, south Korean output of the Ming dynasty, the two countries should be separated only by a strip of water known as brothers, but because the culture and the text this matter, let the people can not lose them even with the three points pride among the peoples of the world. Today you can still read han fu, creature of wei and jin dynasty, poetry of tang and song dynasty, Ming yuan, why? Inheritance; Today, you have seen in the national museum of huo yao piao seal Wolf in professional diagram, images of sporadic campfire they may be now you used in the home of the ancient ancestors of the fireplace, the Chinese nation, China implements the same is true of, without it, inheritance. Because the word you can very good understanding of Chinese family tradition, also can understand the meaning of the terms of cultivate one's morality, more should know about the war, why there are so many heroes, they are not afraid dead? Is not at all, they don't love money? Not at all, they don't want to fire the fire had an easy day? ? Behind it is the home of the family, in front of the countries, countries in the home, their heels, until it died.
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