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Pro, don't put the electric fireplace when the air conditioning

by:Longjian     2020-10-22
Electric fireplace, on the whole, this kind of new type heater to China's time is not long, and even the fireplace also not many people understand, is one of the few people in the world. In recent years, with the TV show, the network communication expansion and international supplies import and export of diversified factors, such as direct prompted electric fireplace to realize a qualitative leap in the market in our country, of course, they also inseparable from the people's living standards improve, the pursuit of quality of life and the spirit world more strict, etc. Still, even if based on the above reasons, electric fireplace as import has been received by the domestic some people indeed, but, even if only a handful of people in this kind of people know the true value of electric fireplace, it can be said that the majority of buyers, buy the purpose of the electric fireplace still think this is a new thing, it can keep warm, and it is rich in buy, so I also buy it. In fact this is insult to the electric fireplace under a little knowledge. Fireplace for Europe and the United States people represent the warmth of a home, is the romantic love, is the king's temperament. Said this is not just with flames of fire bring them the real temperature, the more time to look at the fireplace in the wall and the feeling is from the heart the most sincere the warmth of home, in the fireplace flame is the family. Fireplace, of course, also can stimulate their romantic cells, a glass of red wine with your lover, clink, reflects the fireplace is the warmth and sweet love. In early European and American countries, only first-class noble castle has a decent fireplace, big and rich, it can display the nobility of financial resources, and show their noble status. Now, the true fire fireplace on market is gradually replaced by the simple and convenient and practical electric fireplace, likewise, fireplace held by these features, electric fireplace can too. Pure will electric fireplace as air conditioners to use, can only say, that it is better to buy a air conditioning, because there is no air conditioning electric fireplace heating function must be good, we add in the great expectations should not be limited to the electric fireplace. We need electric fireplace, is more reason, hope it bring us the enjoyment of mental and physical pleasure experience. With sweet and warm, romantic and noble collection in a body's electric fireplace can bring us true sense.
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