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preparing your fireplace for winter

by:Longjian     2020-03-30
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After the long summer when the fireplace was neglected, many homeowners approached the winter, and since their fireplace had not been used for months, it was ready to burn logs.
They look forward to a comfortable home with a bright burning fireplace.
But many factors can affect this happy scene.
If the chimney is not capped, something may have entered the chimney since the last fire, such as debris, birds, or small animals.
Whether you burn analog logs or solid wood, there are many dangers to the fireplace, and it is important to check before lighting in winter.
The loss of property and life may lead to the burning of careless logs and the rash disposal of the ashes of the true wood fire.
Check this list of safety precautions and suggestions to protect your home and family before your first fire.
It is important to check to have the professional clean up and check if the fireplace has obstacles and damage before winter begins.
The chimney lining should also be checked for problems and wear.
Impurity oil piled up in the chimney can sometimes cause roof fires.
Cleaning the chimney will reduce your chances of such an accident.
Dirty chimneys can also cause air pollution.
Creosote accumulation is caused by many factors, including slow-burning fires, the use of artificial logs, and the burning of unseasoned wood.
A chimney-closed fireplace without a smokehood allows sparks to escape, which can trigger fires in your neighborhood, especially if you live in a warm, dry climate.
Travel afterfire from your home may even trigger a fire in another place far away from your residence.
Fire-proof flower caps are usually stainless steel and housing nets that control Sparks, dust and other dangerous hazards.
In some parts of the United States, the law requires a cap on arrests.
Many dry Western states use lightning arresters that comply with California regulations.
The California-style small mesh lightning arresters cap combines tightly interwoven wire gauze with an opening of about half an inch in size.
The functional lightning arrester cap is the most common option for home builders, but decorative caps can be ordered specifically to compliment the style of the home.
While hats are usually placed in place for the above reasons, they also prevent wildlife, birds and debris from entering the chimney.
Birds entering the chimney sometimes cannot find a way back.
Trapped inside, they may try to escape into the room. [608]
Solid wood and synthetic logs would you be surprised to know that some artificial logs or synthetic logs are less carbon monoxide than solid wood emissions? These seemingly unnatural products have advantages and are actually better than burning wood.
Synthetic logs are a more efficient way of heating compared to logs.
While these are favorable factors, some synthetic logs may burn uneven and release higher levels of carbon monoxide than expected.
View the packaging and rating of the products you use.
Precautions and instructions should be taken when using synthetic logs to optimize safety.
Don\'t destroy logs to increase fire, and don\'t use multiple logs at a time.
Don\'t forget to compare products. Stax charred-
Duraflame\'s logs produce half of the contaminants similar to wood fires, which burst when burned, perfect for the atmosphere.
Green products not only burn more efficiently, but also produce less smoke than wood fires that burn at the same time. [607]
ironing flat fireplace openings should always be covered with a metal screen or glass to accommodate the afterfire inside the fireplace and to prevent the afterfire from spreading into the room.
The metal screen is designed to prevent logs from rolling onto the floor.
Child safety screens or doors are an important addition to any family with young children.
To prevent fire and possible damage, they have many styles and price ranges and are well worth investing in.
The removable metal screen has the potential to heat up in front of the roaring flame at any time.
Touching the hot metal screen can also burn hands, damage the wood floor, or melt the plastic items that are in close contact.
The metal screen needs special care.
Many glass screens are provided for aesthetic purposes rather than for safety.
When buying a glass fireplace screen, look for tempered glass.
The glass door should remain open when the fireplace is running. [609]
Wood ash always wet the hot ash and then empty it in a metal container.
Store the container in a safe place from the house.
Ashes are deceptive, and even those that appear to have died can cause fires.
Inside and outside the fireplace do not throw paper or anything other than the approved fireplace material into the fire.
Certain substances emit all kinds of toxic smoke.
Do not use any chemicals or liquids in the fireplace as they cover the interior of the chimney.
Burning items that are not designed for fireplaces can be dangerous.
Avoid placing flammable decorations near the open fireplace.
Many candy containers melt in Christmas socks hung too close to the fireplace.
To avoid accidental fires, other holiday decorations should be placed at a safe distance from burning logs.
The best and safest kind of fire always opens the chimney flue before a fire, so that the air can feed your fire and make it burn brighter.
The Open flue also allows smoke to escape.
First, make a small fire to heat the chimney and ensure good ventilation.
Once a good burn is established on a small firewood, place the logs on the fireplace behind the Longjian fireplace.
Overloading the grate with too many logs will prevent normal combustion.
As long as there is hot ash in the Longjian fireplace, keep the wind door open.
Closing the door will cause the hot ashes to actually ignite and become an unexpected fire that could spread to the room.
Do not leave the extinguished fire unattended until you are sure the burning afterfire is not threatened.
Manual fireplace if you don\'t like to clean up with a fireplace, but love the atmosphere of the fireplace, take a look at the separate or wall-mounted electric Longjian fireplace and stove.
Many models do not need to be connected or ventilated, but produce real flame effects with glowing logs and ash beds.
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