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Personality droplight trend contracted wind lift boom

by:Longjian     2020-10-17
Have always is famous for its simple and practical personality droplight aroused people's eager attention in recent years, more and more crazy chase the trend, domestic outfit during the process fluctuation full time, contracted, high-grade and practical appearance, we found that the multifarious luxurious lamps and lanterns is in decline, the lamps and lanterns of contracted and variable is on the rise. A simple route, lamps and lanterns to abandon heavy and complicated, a lot of lamps and lanterns to the heavy feeling heavy and complicated, but our designer thinks, lamps and lanterns can also the simple, beautiful, they want people to feel at ease in the household life pleasure. Contracted route 2, with interesting eliminate boring way, a lot of lamps and lanterns design with conventional attitude, is not new to stack the heavy feeling, the design with the attitude of special-shaped, gives the concept of soft light body itself. Contracted route 3, shed, colour is applied more temperate, contracted droplight route of the quiet inside collect, coloring more abstemious, more distinct and also thoroughly, to can be in harmony with the environment of any color.
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