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personal shopper; floor lamps come out to stretch

by:Longjian     2020-03-13
Marianne loricott
Like people, floor lamps of 12 or 2006 often have to be multitasking.
Fortunately, there are many models with flexible neck, adjustable arms or multiple light sources that provide ambient lighting and task lighting for reading or working.
Some of the lights here are big enough to put in the attic or big house like No.
7, extending almost 8 feet, but folded so low that people sitting on the floor can use it as a reading light.
For smaller spaces, the rest are compact. 1.
Torchiere of Sonneman with feather mission lights is 73 inch high with a 32-
Inch swivel arm for reading from 24 to 58 inch high.
Torchiere, it has a complete
Range dimmer for two 60-
Watt light bulb with a 50-
Halogen bulb;
$299 at Lee\'s Studio, 220 West 57 Street (212)581-4400. 2.
Lumina\'s multi-X floor lamp has a hinged arm that allows it to rotate and move up and down.
Lights need 50-
Halogen bulb;
Studio Li is $419. 3.
The diameter of the Adesso impact ECT lamp is 7 inch, with a pleated fabric and a color of 60-watt bulb;
145 Greenwich Avenue Mxyplyzyk hotel $125 (
13 West Street), (800)243-9810. Advertisement4.
The Papiro light is nearly 9 feet high as it extends, but can be bent to point to light in different directions. It has a foot-
Operate the dimmer switch and keep it 75-watt bulb;
Dwr\'s design is worth $750. com or (800)944-2233.
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The switch of the floor lamp is made of black painted steel and is 88 1/2 high.
It has three adjustable swivel arms, each with 8 1/2-
Inch in diameter;
$1,750 kanglan store, 407 East 59 Street (866)755-9079. 6. Samtid is a 60-inch-
High floor lamp with adjustable arm and plastic lampshade with a diameter of 9 inch.
It needs 100-
Watt light bulb, $34.
Ikea, Ikea 99. com or (800)434-4532. Advertisement7.
Jean-the loft Longjian floor lamp designed in 1950
French designer Louis Domecq is made of brushed steel.
When fully stretched, it is 94 inch high and has five bending points that can almost be folded to the floor;
The Conland store is $1,790.
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The Longjian floor lamp stretched out.
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