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People increasingly pay attention to the fireplace adornment effect

by:Longjian     2020-10-22
Generally speaking, can be divided into electric fireplace, fireplace gas fireplace ( Balance type, give expulsion-typely) And wood burning fireplace, collectively known as the last two true fire fireplace. Need to install the chimney so that the traditional true fire fireplace smoke emitted, its special suitable for building structure is usually only will be in the villa. And electricity 'false' fireplace is suitable for ordinary apartments, but the simulation of the flame of electric fireplace is given priority to with adornment effect. It is important to note that the recommended fuel wood, fruit tree do my wood-burning fireplace is more resistant to burn, and true fire fireplace and furniture needs to have at least 15 cm safe distance between, in order to ensure the safety of the house; Embedded fireplace to buy furnace core reload first furnace; If no reserve a fireplace in the hole in the door model design, can do false wall to embed it in, not embedded wall can also be installed electric fireplace and wall put portable small fireplace. When representing the fireplace was introduced into China of western culture area of home decoration, the adornment action of the fireplace as Chinese consumers see the function, and with the fireplace manufacturing process improvement, USES a function actually is finally accepted by more and more Chinese consumers. In addition to the central heating to the room to heat up, on the basis of better with continuous leaping flames ascending warm, warm atmosphere, and make use of the fireplace is received, household items, or embedded in the wall of disjunctive space, also as a new function of the fireplace has been developed.
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