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Pay attention to these aspects, wood fireplace will be more efficient and energy saving

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
Because of rising energy costs, many use wood fireplace customers all want to save energy costs. Now little mo will tell you through some simple improvements, can achieve savings. 1. In the chimney top mounted sealing damper. Top seal damper to replace wood fireplace original throat damper. Top seal damping apparatus has a sealing, its action is similar to the wind door, will indoor warm air in indoor, the external air isolation from the outside. Whether you want to heating or cooling housing, the parts can do. This product can be purchased online, can easily installed by the owner or worker. 2. Install a baffle - Cast iron plate behind the fireplace. Its purpose is to protect the back wall from the fire damage, and often can increase the sense of home decoration design. By absorbing the heat generated by the flame and then heat back to the room, and can improve the efficiency of the fireplace. 3. Install wood fireplace heater system. Fireplace heater system fresh air inhaled from the room, make it through the fireplace chamber through the heating cycle, then the heated air back into the room. The heater is a closed system, so the fireplace in the smoke will not overflow. Depending on the type of the products you buy, the heater can significantly change the temperature of the home. In importance to the wood fireplace itself after some hardware processing, the choice of fuel will cause certain influence to we use the fireplace, so how do you select the right wood for daily operation of heating, fire? It is well known that fresh cut wood may contain up to 100% of the water, which means that the water in the wood than wood. With these green wet wood burning directly, and using appropriate dry or compared to after 'processed' wood, efficiency is lower, the safety is lower. According to the usual ecological department, according to data from the wood should contain 20% or less of the water. And once after using wet wood, can cause the following effects: A. Efficiency decreases the wet wood combustion efficiency is lower than the dry wood burning efficiency, because the water heated to steam will lose a lot of energy. About 1200 BTU (evaporation a pound of waste water British thermal unit) 。 , by contrast, according to the university of Missouri extension, a pound of containing 20% moisture content of wood is only about 7000 BTU can provide heat. B。 Security issues in firewood burning in the grate wet wood may also cause harm to your health. Wet wood than dry wood produce more smoke, it will be more pollutants released into the air and small particles. According to the university of Illinois extension, the wet wood burning in the fireplace will also lead to the accumulation of creosote, chimney that could cause a fire. This happens because the heat generated by the wet wood is less, this enables the creosote to accumulate on the fireplace in the flue. And we are and how to avoid? How to distinguish between the dry humidity of lumber? It's different articles began to share with you the reconstruction of small coup, choice of firewood needed wood fireplace, turns out to be more depends on experience: A. Check if you are not sure whether your wood drying wood, please check the end of the block. Small cracks means of wood in the wood may be dry, and smooth texture indicate higher moisture content. You can also take two pieces of wood together. Damp wood will produce less noise, and dry wood will produce more loud and clear voice. In addition, you can use wood moisture meter to check the wood moisture content. B。 Processing wood this need in the proper season we cut down the new wood, the stored in the location of the ground and cover at least six months. Too much density hardwood takes a year or longer to effectively adjust processing. Put the wet wood on the back of the storage area or the bottom of the heap, the wood to make sure that you first use a qualified air drying processing of wood to act as the fuel wood fireplace. And if you buy, by obtaining wood, also please make sure it has been dry processing at least six months. When we pass the appropriate reconstruction for wood fireplace, after using the right fuel, you will find that in today's cost of living high on the day when, you can save a large amount from this tiny aspects, at the same time burning wood is arguably the most environmental protection, return uncut jade to put in heating, humans over the past 200 years, much pollution caused by the simulated flight than ancestors thousands of years, tens of thousands of years, lumber, more serious to life, so there are times when using wood as fuel is not all is the opposite of standing in environmental protection equipment, like to use wood fireplace, it is to protect our living environment, improve the air quality is the most effective and most enjoyable way.
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