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Pay attention to buy art lamp brand problems easily

by:Longjian     2020-09-09
Paid attention to only use in the family, it is easier to fall into a temporary price does not pay attention to the quality of the long-term problems. Has ten years of art lamp brand production and sales experience of lighting summarizes some problems to buy art lamp brand. 1. The quality of lamps and lanterns. The first is the problem of the quality of itself of lamps and lanterns is not high, the performance is the main part of the art lamp with light source is unqualified, so in the process of use will occur because of current mutation of burned, and this kind of phenomenon is very rare. The second is not gao will reduce the service life of the quality. According to relevant data show that there are quite a few lamps and lanterns is because light broken and cannot be used, then this type of lamps and lanterns brought inconvenience to lighting of the city, at the same time also has become the urban lighting engineering maintenance problems. 2. The quality of the lamps and lanterns. The chimney of the poor quality of the material of lamps and lanterns: a lot will appear under the light source heat yellowing phenomenon, then affect their beautiful, at the same time as an art lamp brand is often need to face the wind and rain erosion, the same are also susceptible to man-made damage, so we have many common park to install some solar garden light, its basic have no solar panels, so on a city's beautiful and it has become a disadvantage. 3. The material of lamps and lanterns. Materials and light distribution of led lights: this type is mainly caused by the reason of material, its no use refraction or floodlight and so on, makes the optical performance is lower, the effect of any. Art lamp brand has strict in road lighting lighting, LED light source is made into module structure, namely the integration of small unit for 56 w, according to the need can be combined into a 112 w, 168 w, 214 w, etc. , this determines the art lamp brand modelling can only be rectangular or square postage stamp flat structure, with the road outside in addition to there are functional basic need of lighting lamps and lanterns, the requirement of itself or as a landscape element is run counter to! In urban road lighting project bidding, street lamp selection, in many cases like government leaders choose to ride, so limousines just traffic tools, not only the symbol of status, power! They will also be very value the outward appearance modelling of lamps and lanterns, hope its contracted, fashion, have 'sexy' industrialization of streamlined appearance, on modelling art lamp brand in this respect it is restricted by a number of modelling design. At the same time, art lamp brand die casting shell much heavier than the conventional street lamps, the cost is higher than many, windproof seismic risk bigger to the design of light pole structure are also put forward higher requirements.
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