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by:Longjian     2020-03-06
Lighting has several basic rules: make sure there are three or more light sources in each room, place the light at different heights, and make sure there is good lighting for all tasks.
These rules exist to make sure the room has enough light to see, but also to make them shine the warmth you want inside.
Breeze gianno of Malibu, California, said violating these rules could undermine the design of the entire room.
Designers working in the Washington area
\"People worry about furniture, finishes, floors, throwing pillows --
Go to town for everything-
But if the lighting is not correct, you don\'t see all the work you do, \"she said.
is a good way to create warmth.
They can be placed in the small space of the small room, or they can illuminate the dark corner of the big room.
They can add color to the neutral space or add color to the dull space.
They can even make up for the lack of overhead lighting.
We talked to Giannasio and Sally Steponkus in the area about the idea of using floor lamps to solve some common design puzzles.
is the key to small space --
Whether it\'s a studio or a suburban living room
Because they added lights without most of the table lamps and coffee tables.
They will be better when they pronounce and telescope, so you can adjust the light and shine where you need it.
● The Swing light is \"no-
Nonsense, looks great on both sides of the traditional D couchC.
Rowhouse, \"said Giannasio.
You can find them at almost any price point and any finish, including wire steel for the world market chemist floor lamp ($120, www. worldmarket. com).
As Giannasio said, \"The lighting is jewelry for the room, and sometimes you wear beautiful earrings instead of stunning chandeliers.
● Stick out the classic mission light and you get the industrial mission Longjian floor lamp, which rotates and bends at both joints to accommodate different tasks and room layouts ($199, www. westelm. com).
\"I like the adjustable floor lamps because I like to use them to read on the arm of the chair,\" said Steponkus . \".
\"They are classic, they are elegant, they work with everything.
\"In general, floor lamps are universal because they can fit into narrow spaces,\" Giannasio said . \" We are not sure you will find a narrower space than the Brazo LED floor lamp ($490, www. roomandboard. com).
It will almost disappear in one room but still provide plenty of space (and dimmable)
Shine where you need it.
\"Usually, floor lamps save more space,\" said Steponkus . \".
\"But many of them are more like sculptures.
You need all kinds of things.
\"If the room is visually disconnected, a headlight can add a focus.
\"If you have a space for a bigger floor lamp, you can have a shadow,\" said Steponkus . \".
Giannasio said: \"The Tripod takes up a lot of floor space, but they provide good graphic building quality if you have floor space.
I happen to like people whose legs are thinner and weightless. ” For extra-thin legs (
Cheap price too)
Try the track trio floor lamp ($65, www. target. com).
● The floor lamp for manual salvage of floating wood is the top ($995, www.
Restore hardware. com).
The driftwood comes from the Indonesian beach with a light height of 72 inch.
Sunshades are sold separately;
As Steponkus suggests, it is usually better to focus on finding the right light and then worry about finding the right shade later.
If there is no wiring in the room, or there are cold, unattractive fluorescent lights, the right floor lamp can replace overhead lighting.
\"Normally, it feels comfortable and warm to be the incandescent light from floor lamps and desk lamps,\" Giannasio said . \".
● Giannasio likes CB2\'s floor lamp in the Woods ($299, www. cb2. com)
It is 7 feet high and can be easily bent on the sofa or seat arrangement.
\"If you like the look, it can replace the overhead lighting,\" she said . \".
\"For a lot of light, two bulbs are always better than one,\" said Steponkus . \".
The Global is part of Kate Spade\'s new line for West Elm on Saturday ($349, www. west elm. com)
, Better than three, and do this in fixtures that attract some great talent
Worthy of attention.
Steponkus suggests that all lighting devices, even lights, are on the dimmer switch, \"because you don\'t always want it to be as bright as possible.
\"A lamp with some courage allows a room to be dispersed from the inside to the inside, from boring to lively.
\"It\'s refreshing to find the lamp that breaks the mold,\" Giannasio said . \".
● The craze of Giannasio\'s selection --
Cliff Sol, worth mentioning, provides an elegant addition to any traditional or modern interior design ($973, www. lambertetfils. com).
\"I like its sophistication, brass and black,\" she said . \".
\"It looks like visual poetry to me.
A floor lamp with a black, golden or green shadow will bring some personality to the seating arrangement ($398, www. anthropologie. com).
\"Brass tends to be a bit more traditional, but it looks cool in a more modern shape,\" said Steponkus . \".
Steponkus said don\'t worry too much about matching the finish to other fixtures in the room.
This is a rule that should be thrown out of the window.
● Sometimes, color is the best choiceme-up for a room.
And the middle of school buildingscentury-
There are a lot of studio floor lamps in style, with a bold yellow base and Shadows ($275, www.
School. com).
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