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Only know to buy dome light? Fine house was destroyed so ___ zhongshan lamp

by:Longjian     2020-09-17
Only know to buy dome light? Fine house was destroyed so mention lights, most people tend to mind-set is the basis of a single lighting, spent a lot of energy in and pick up on the big furniture decorate, but ignored the most basic and most important lighting design. Most families are in the same absorb dome light, one sitting room, bedroom a light. These are not level of lighting, not only the result is bad, and it's easy to spoil spend endless effort to decorate the house. The following conditions, many families don't feel strange. A large dome light, it is convenient, but the after effect, will become your home looks quite bright, but not bright characteristics, and makes the whole house is very cheap. Spent millions to buy a house, hundreds of thousands of decoration, how to give a ruined by hundreds of pieces of dome light? The design of lamplight, has a lot of possibilities. So for the different scenarios to decorate, we should pay attention to when choosing the lights? Guest room ⁜ lighting is the most important part of the sitting room, with controllable light and shade, color TPS source to regulate mood, with daily activities. ⁜ room four corners or two corner there is a desk lamp or floor lamp, avoid the existence of the dark corner. ⁜ living room armchair or read special chair rocker arm are installed near light, beautiful and can adjust the Angle; Also can be like a wall lamp is installed on the wall, wall lamp illuminate the visitors area will produce very good light and shadow, 7 - above the sofa The illuminate of 10 cm, can have a wider area. ⁜ credenza and sofa table installed a lamp, a table for two, cause visual impact. ⁜ power bulbs can create different drama, sofa near strong light is easy to see and communicate, corner to low light. Bedrooms to make good use of color temperature - — Cold light let the morning more dynamic, weak warm light soothing your night, promote the secretion of melatonin. The thinking of the above sum up just two points: 1 completely forget a dome light with the idea of a room, and even decisive refused to absorb dome light. Want to good what you did in the space in advance. Such as reading, watching movies, sitting room sofa sofa friends, can use different lights to coordinate these activities. 2 lights to have administrative levels feeling. In addition to the lighting, lighting is very important function is to create atmosphere. American design work 'the design criteria,' whichever the lights of the interior space, the author will emphasize, 'every corner of every level must install a lamp, each lamp must have dimmers, to adjust your mood. 'Home lighting with different color temperature, color and brightness, can create the effect of light and shade staggered, to increase the warmth of the room, make the atmosphere of whatever you want. Light, should be taken seriously.
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