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On the brand building landscape art lamp lighting engineering design steps

by:Longjian     2020-09-09
On brand building landscape art lamp lighting engineering design, can be roughly divided into the following steps of: 1, the decision want lighting effects due to its own appearance different buildings may produce different lighting effects, are uniformly or feeling, or tone change strong feeling; Can be a plain expression, or more lively expression, all attributes to decide in accordance with the building itself. 2, choose suitable light source choice light color, should be considered in color, efficiency, life and other factors. Light color and the structure of the outer wall material color quite a relationship, in general, the brick, tan stone material suitable for use warm color light to illuminate, use light source for high pressure sodium lamp and halogen lamps. 3, determine the required illuminance of the intensity of illumination mainly depends on the surrounding environment and building external wall material color light and shade depth. Advice of illuminance value is for the main facade. In general, the minor elevation of intensity of illumination is given priority to half of the facade, borrow two sides of different shades of construction can show the stereo feeling. 4, select the appropriate lamps in general square art brand light distribution Angle is bigger, lamps and lanterns of circular Angle is smaller. Wide Angle type lamps and lanterns effect is uniform, but not appropriate for distance projection. Narrow Angle type lamps and lanterns is fit to be a long distance projection, but close range when using poor uniformity. 5, intensity of illumination and the number of lamps and lanterns after the above steps are completed in accordance with the selected light source, lamps and lanterns, installation position and other conditions of illumination calculation to determine the artistic lamp brand number of lamps and lanterns, in order to effect after the installation is complete to close to wish as far as possible. The projection of the appearance of the building at night USES light performance, the income effect and the feeling of the day there will be equivalent to the difference. So we don't need the on LED lighting engineering design and same effect during the day, it is important to show the characteristics of the building.
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