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Old fireplace problems trying to trick

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
Burning fireplace logs to heat, heat is probably the most ancient human produced, will surely create a good atmosphere in the family. But in the older generation of a wide range of parlance, 'wood smoke contains toxic carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides can lead to smoke, soot, fine particles, and a series of other chemicals and gases, they can cause or exacerbate serious health problems, but also is only the latest studies suggest that patients with congestive heart failure, angina pectoris, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema or asthma inhaled should try to avoid this kind of smoke. Wood burning in the grate of a greener alternative is burning of wood particles, the particles are made of wood sawdust and other by-products, can be treated as secondary use, because if not, the original life garbage landfills and waste. These specially made of sawdust particles is very efficient and burning - almost completely In large part due to less moisture content. As a result, there are fewer pollutants to inward or outward escape into the air. However, you need a pellet fireplace to burn wood particles. Reduce existing fireplace emissions of another method is to use the plug-in, such as certain types of equipment can be converted into a burning liquid propane ( From the interchangeable cans) Or through the pipeline gas fireplace. These plug-ins to inhale oxygen in the air, which makes the fire burn and through the chimney or through the vent smoke exhaust to the outside. CHEC agency warned, however, the old chamber of a stove or furnace stove even with the latest modification plug-in, cannot like modern detached firewood, particle furnace or fireplace heating large space effectively. Assumptions, so for aesthetic purposes, fireplace itself design meaning usually more value than the heating efficiency, so to put time and money into will not cause you too big returns in the reconstruction project of apparent is not desirable. If these options are not suitable for you, and you are a very nostalgic person, to old friends and old items are have feelings, then remember to regularly check for return old fireplace in the home, leaks or cracks, these could bring additional impact your home. In addition, please make sure that every few years to undertake a thorough cleaning of chimney, chimney to ensure that you will not be creosote jams, creosote can cause indoor air pollution, is also part of the hidden fire of the culprit. Also, please ensure that a qualified professionals to do the work, because the correct cleaning cleaning and maintenance is related to your family's health and safety issues.
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