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Old apartment broken cocoon rebirth of primitive and modern collision wild charm [ Contemporary and contracted meals chandeliers]

by:Longjian     2020-10-15
Old apartment broken cocoon rebirth of primitive and modern collision wild charm [ Contemporary and contracted meals chandeliers] This is from the Diff. Studio's two designers to design an apartment, in downtown Kiev. The division of the original apartment each function of the fuzzy, resulting in the line of sight of crowded, with the help of the designers, rich texture and material become divided area, add a space content of the key factors! People in the busy city life seems to be the original flavor has a yearning, stylist is in indoor use a lot of natural material, grain natural woodiness floor, create log tea table, sofa buy object table, behind the black light from multiple window spilled into the interior, these natural elements, send out a more comfortable and warm breath. Smoke grey cloth art sofa, the black TV setting metope is individual customization by the designer, the material hand-woven after besmear brushs black lacquer, material mixing and three-dimensional design, unique and fashionable. While another wall through rough wood grain adornment design wallpaper and exaggerated characters, bring extremely primitive sense of wild charm. To avoid improper function dividing original visual crowded, after consultation, the designers decided to open the rezoning of space layout, the kitchen of black by light and mirror material, plus the hand-woven decorative and sun loungers, let the light and shadow, create the sense of mystery and charm like bars. While restaurants by very natural wood to create full of sense of the original table, tie-in concise unique contemporary and contracted meals chandeliers, formed a contrast of visual aesthetic feeling extremely. Use purple custom out of shelf, in plain coloured space, the color becomes very grab an eye, through the abandoned stake reclaimed, buy object table into a unique, let modern collision with the original contrast again. Will the use of all kinds of wood element extends to the bedroom, woodiness floor, wood wallpaper, slat setting metope adornment, make the same kinds of elements showed different charm and function, is the key to the whole design, a small area of the lemon yellow ornament, make the space of the brunet attune vigor and jumping. Another's bedroom through the use of hand-woven decorative to the echo of the sitting room, gold ornaments ornament, add luxuriant touch. Wash bath bold colour and material of comparison, warm and cold hard wood marble, black slat and gray contrast, strong and powerful visual impact. Source: idzoom - Interior designer
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