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Not senior lovers, never know the eight clean fireplace doors coup

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
Maybe people know they should use is suitable for the fireplace hearth of the high temperature heat resistant enamel glass-ceramics used standard cleaner, but they might not know that in addition to this there are other more time to save money and clean way. Saw this article today, you can immediately take advantage of our fireplace high temperature heat resistant enamel microcrystalline glass wipe more shine. 1. Make sure the fireplace glass has cooled. Immediately after use the fireplace, please do not clean the glass. Natural cooling closed fireplace, after waiting for glass, clean again, so you can get the best effect. 2. Open the door. Note that with the method of the ashes of the furnace clean glass applies only to the fireplace, because it needs to come from fuel remaining ashes, and won't produce fireplace ashes. Open the glass door, can come into contact with the glass surface with dust. 3. According to the proportion of 1:1 mixed white vinegar and warm water. If the trouble, you can use plain water, but add white vinegar helps used high temperature decomposition fireplace hearth enamel microcrystalline glass soot carbon residue. The mixture is added to the spray bottle will be more convenient for you to apply in the operation, and the homemade cleaners can also be used for other furniture clean. 4. Spraying the solution on a paper towel or clean cloth. Do not need to immerse completely, only wet can dip in with the solution. 5. If you installed in the home is the fireplace, so before starting the cleaning the fireplace, must first ensure that the valve to the 'off' position. If you continue to run, it may cause leakage, it is very dangerous. Valve, usually located on the wall next to the fireplace. Wait a few minutes, let all the fireplace of the pipeline gas. Before starting the cleaning process, you also need to wait until all the fireplace components have cooled down. 6. The cloth dipped into ashes. Find some fine ash density in the fireplace, and cloth glued on the ashes, so that in the wet part can form a thin layer of ash layer. Make sure you only touch the fine ash, rather than other things. Because anything bigger than fine ash hardness will scratch the glass. 7. Scrub attached ash fireplace in the glass. Fine ash is a kind of perfect material, small particles can remove the carbon residue on the glass. Into a circular wipe in the form of painting circle, but don't worry about it too hard. If you can't one-time removal, can dip in the towel ash for many times. Glass on soot and ashes on the towel will be mixed form a paste. If there is a large piece of residue glue on the glass, is difficult to move, please use the blade to break them down. To contact with the blade residues, not contact with the glass. Otherwise, you may be scratching the glass. 8. Wipe the paste. With a new paper towel wipe away the used high temperature heat resistant enamel fireplace hearth of microcrystalline glass soot.
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