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Northern wind delicate and elegant contracted space full of wonderful [ Contemporary and contracted meals chandeliers]

by:Longjian     2020-10-15
Northern wind delicate and elegant contracted space full of wonderful [ Contemporary and contracted meals chandeliers] Nordic space full of warm and peace if added hale metal element, what visual impact? This is a double apartment located in Sweden, a deserted workshop building reconstruction, 146 square meters of space is full of wonderful. Building outside is a lush forest, spring is a vibrant green plants make indoor appear energetic, but more show indoor warm winter snow is white. Metope and day flower all chose the pure white attune, appears clean thoroughly under good daylighting, design and color stitching throughout the interior wooden floor, build a warm and comfortable Nordic tone. Grey contracted and simple sense, the tea table of sofa and graceful full of modelling of contemporary and contracted meals chandeliers and exaggerated carpets for simple but elegant space also becomes wonderful. Black box metal glass door divided into kitchen dining area, good pervious to light quality to make the connection between the functional area more closely, the eat desk and chair of rounded lines on the glass wall, enjoy the food at the same time also can enjoy the natural beauty of outside, the geometry of the carpet not only have the effect of the warm space, but also should become clear in the functional area division. The kitchen is located in the corner space, large white store content ark is very good solve the problem of goods and sundries put, tie-in white brick, create a relaxed and concise visual effect. As stairs guardrail of white metal grid, have the effect of security at the same time, let light and air travel can continue to shine, red mesa brings the sweetness of life sense. Second is house advocate the private space, the sofa of dark grey and black buy object table, appear texture with composed, through soft carpet harmonic atmosphere, increase indoor comfort. Homeowners in the studio with pure white as the base, with warm natural wood elements, concise and comfortable, create a relaxed working atmosphere, the table owner taste exquisite decoration reveal. Bedroom area after redrawn, small compartment became homeowners cloakroom, the utilization of white attune, makes the natural beautiful scenery outside the window the indoor best ornament, warm and cozy atmosphere power to shape the most comfortable sleep environment. Luxuriant metal elements and handsome tiling, let a bathroom also become very wonderful. Source: idzoom - Interior designer
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