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Nordic light, beautiful things simple

by:Longjian     2020-09-30
Nordic light, beautiful things simple, northern lights, is a kind of beauty Jane leave out the pattern of heavy and complicated, decoration of returning to nature, Jane express good yearning for life with a kind of pure clean lines, natural simple round, contains the natural beauty all seemed very original everything again so comfortable beautiful northern lights, is a kind of rational regression is a kind of fashion JianMeiZhong with modern style, is the interpretation of the basics of life is beautiful, downy lamplight, quietly shining as if in a field with the moonlight as in the branches hung with ice fjord against the wind from Scandinavia in northern Europe, is a fairy tale, is a poetic under the lights, the way it is in life have a fantasy, a dream with a sweet with the freedom of childhood rejected all heavy and complicated is mixed and disorderly feeling northern lights, concise and pure and build extremely to experience life in space, show individual character for household, because nature is not comparing, beautifully in the northern lights, only for comfortable life show the charm of the natural like flower fragrance to the wind is not affected by the road, since the northern lights at the moment, do not give a space difficult shed a light quietly wipe thoughts like love Nordic suddenly myself, love life more northern lights, you're worth it!
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