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Nordic fossa, little innovation brings different style! ( Contemporary and contracted droplight]

by:Longjian     2020-10-15
Nordic fossa, little innovation brings different style! ( Contemporary and contracted droplight] Owner please like contracted style of Nordic designers for their own small home together made a mental creation. In the design process, meet the challenge of not a few, narrow interior space arrangement, the girders of the sitting room, daylighting is insufficient, and so on. But the designer fully combined with the actual situation, play to learn, in a little world to create a picture of a warm light. A complete set of housing area is not large, how to adjacencies in limited space to become a key. Cream-colored adornment wall body and the collocation of simple and easy, the contrast of dark gray sofa, integral pattern concise and easy. Designer given suggested owners choose woodiness furniture is sedate feeling, in the cure of natural breath, bright and peaceful small space became the place and a great place. Only by the arrangement of the light, eliminating the redundant compartment or barrier, can plan in private space in the field of reading in the living room. Open small flatlet space after the entry to start with the amount of boreal Europe amorous feelings brief lines, combined with soothing tone, will people introduced a contracted style. White stone piled out of the warm natural feeling. The TV ark of simple not complicated dangling with metope, in a simple and agile in add a human touch. Specially designed for both the doors in a straight line, the corridor, can be fully seen through at first glance at the end of the kitchen bright lighting is included in the whole space, just like that. In the narrow space, with two chairs, a bench collocation is contemporary and contracted meals chandeliers, stylist advice to the owner. Use enough already so, also can provide meal with uninhibited leisure atmosphere. Bedroom and kitchen restaurant with only one door glass partition do break up, make whole space is connected fully open, more clear and comfortable. Selection of stripe furniture make daily life more sweet. Despite limited space, bath crock, reserved for homeowners also retained the bubble bath leisure taste the life fun that the red wine. Source: household decorates strategy
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