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Nordic contracted wind, McGonagall blue led a modern light 'blue ocean'

by:Longjian     2020-09-26
Nordic contracted wind, McGonagall blue led a 'blue ocean' modern lamp in the lighting industry, about the Nordic contracted style, cannot leave the McGonagall blue. Just a few short years, McGonagall blue concept lead, in a sense style from the original one light, one person to the present nearly 200 products, from 1 stores to operates in more than 130 countries and regions in the world famous brand, deduced the rise of modern lamp 'dark horse'. Minimalist design first McGonagall blue min, general manager of life aesthetics, surprised that his young, affinity, more surprised by its industry 20 years of 'senior'. On min, give a person experienced lamp to lamp act the role ofing profound insight, category and trend as well as to the brand vision of great blueprint. Min wang believes that modern lamp has evolved from the traditional household lighting, modern lamp has many category division, under the Scandinavian minimalist still belongs to the category of small wind, contain infinite within a minimalist, so is the 'blue ocean' a very large. McGonagall blue first, the positioning 'Scandinavian minimalist lighting art', is known for, go a long way. After the trend is like a kaleidoscope, complicated will be obvious. For the moment, no matter from fashion apparel, modern household in the field of lamp act the role ofing, contracted style more and more popular, has become a big 'discourse'. McGonagall blue Scandinavian minimalist art lighting, catering to the deep psychological needs of modern people advocate natural, minimalist style, design art, bright labels such as technical force and modern life grade, the design element, color, lighting, raw materials, such as reduced to the least extent, to return to nature, to build a kind of concise, relaxed lifestyle; At the same time is also the present after 80, 90 young people personality and self, highlight the pursuit of high quality life. Focus on original design 'blood-refreshing' force when it comes to product, min wang opened the chatterboxes. 'Beyond the appearance design, for McGonagall blue, research and development design is a set of strict management system, is a series of interlocking process. 'The first is design. Spain, Italy and other well-known designers, McGonagall and blue in Europe the idea of 'high comfort, low energy consumption', keep the international cutting-edge visual design, unique everybody style; Derived from life, into the spirit of the household design elements, McGonagall blue every idea, is the combination of perceptual and rational, scientific lighting and art. Design, is the light body structure, photosynthetic efficiency and layers of review. Structure optimization and structure evaluation, market review, price review, proofing, parts inspection, the whole lamp then review, quality clearance, small batch trial production, to the end of plane advertisement, product name, product perfect, record the ERP, product information, forming a loop system. Only strictly monitor every detail in place, to make each lamp into perfection. 'Behind closed doors, is not an option; Let markets, chasing trends blindly, also not good. Popular vanes, and master in the hands of a real 'blood' force brand. 'Wang Minxiao speech. Business with business, to build business circle effect is relatively weak in market, a wide net type of channel strategy is undoubtedly do not please painfully, McGonagall blue thinks, whether products or channels, focus is king. Therefore, McGonagall blue on the channel construction for 'constructions item focusing on profit model, further to build market, benchmarking with business with shang, a surprise. Meanwhile, McGonagall blue last year launched a 'two 10 star' of channel planning, 'two' is to create two level ten million super aircraft carrier store, become a modern light industry the authority of the store, 'ten star' is to build ten level five million delicate flagship store, copy of benchmarking is brand shop. Under the marketing strategy, McGonagall blue finished fourth generation image upgrade, monopoly channel steady growth. In the future, McGonagall blue will insist on from 'lighting products - — Soft outfit design - — The direction of the culture of life ', create 'Scandinavian minimalist lighting art lighting - — Scandinavian minimalist soft outfit gallery - — Scandinavian minimalist living cultural center ', achievement brand dream.
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