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New Chinese style lamps and lanterns _ _ zhongshan zhongshan zhongshan lamp act the role ofing brand Chinese style lamps and lanterns

by:Longjian     2020-09-16
What should Chinese style lamps and lanterns of choose and buy? Lamp act the role ofing tell you! Not only is the role of lighting lamps and lanterns, bearing. Lamps and lanterns with people even, and space. And Chinese style lamps and lanterns, is consistent with traditional aesthetic view, also meet many contemporary and contracted style, new Chinese style style, Chinese style decorates a design style of interior space requirements. Chinese style classical lighting and furniture of supplement is divided into two kinds, one is to keep the traditional flavor, pineapple table, carve patterns or designs on woodwork pane, landscape painting, couplet, meticulous to the house every object, are carefully working better do rhyme; Second, compared with modern bold, and the colour is gorgeous, streamline straightforward modernist furniture in a room, in the classic collisions with independent innovation of the excellent design style. Chinese culture has abundant connotation and form, but not every form conforms to modern people's aesthetic demand. Classical Chinese style lamps and lanterns in the modern life is increasingly fashionable tide and clarification, updating and transformation, again into the modern life, into a kind of traditional culture with a strong time characteristics. But can combine traditional iron picture and lamps and lanterns, very rare. Guangzhou lighting is one of them. two How Chinese style lamps and lanterns of choose and buy one. In Chinese style lamps and lanterns of choose and buy when, in the Chinese style to decorate, and antique lamps and lanterns will let us in casual increased a lot of the cultural atmosphere in the bedroom. But they are not only can bring light for people's life, also has the perfect shape and decoration art, to people's life a lot of artistic enjoyment. 2. In Chinese style lamps and lanterns of choose and buy when, as well as Chinese style to decorate, but different light color can create a different atmosphere, comfortable, quiet, warm, calm, peaceful, and so on, it can highlight the host for the particularity of lighting requirements, reflect the personality of different life. 3. In Chinese style lamps and lanterns of choose and buy, choose lamp act the role ofing, but must go to the characteristics of different people's life and considering the requirement of use and interior decoration. In Chinese style lamps and lanterns, in addition to ensure that has Chinese flavour is dye-in-the-wood, on modelling on the material is also to ensure that there are many Chinese elements: solid wood, jade, marble, bamboo, natural jade, silk yarn, porcelain, lacquer, silk and so on are material in Chinese style lamps and lanterns.
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