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Never say never, To write well! ) Modern chandeliers,

by:Longjian     2020-10-16
Never say never, To write well! ) Us such an advertisement in the newspaper: 'one dollar to buy a luxury car. Harry saw the AD with a grain of salt: 'today is not April fool's day! 'but, he is still carrying a dollar, according to the newspaper to provide the address of the find. In front of a very beautiful villa, harry knocked on the door. A noble young woman opened the door for him, and ask its purpose, the young woman led harry to the garage, pointing to a brand new luxury car, said: 'well, is it. 'harry had in mind the first thought is:' is a bad car. 'he said,' madam, I can have a try? 'of course! 'so harry drove the car for a spin, and everything is ok. 'the car is not stolen goods? 'harry asked experience licence, and showed him the young woman. So harry paid $1. When he drove to leave, is still a mystery. He said: 'wife, can you tell me is this why? 'young woman with a sigh, said:' well, to tell you the truth, this is my husband. He left all the heritage to me, only the car, it is to belong to his mistress. But he is in his will, fold the car's right to sell to me, the money to sell to his mistress - - So I decided to sell it to a dollar. Harry suddenly enlighted, he drove the car to go home happily. The way, harry met his friend Tom. Tom asked curiously the history of the car. Harry say that finish, such as Tom suddenly collapsed to the ground: 'oh, god, a week ago I saw the AD! 'anything is possible. Those who even can't believe the miracle, how is it possible to get the miracle? ! In life there are always some people, is not active in the future. They are not in the days of unrest in turbulence too long, is in the key time touching too deep. Is not despair, be lazy, show on the idea, not timid, is adventurous. Turmoil bewilderment of spirit, the faith will be in the confusion to pieces; In gentle village stay too long, fight hard to avoid can forget the way home. Situation, sets up a situation more often than to let a person difficult to catch. The situation is: the world's largest before the arrival of hope, despair has come; , before the arrival of 'can' 'impossible' is already arrived. In fact, many places tend not to the man, but the heart can't get. Only on the ground of the swirl of life, must be behind the others. A way, when by predecessors, the sheepare repeat myself. Economical philosophy of life, are often choose 'to' thing to think, to do it. That seems to evade the risk, but also blocked the way to the life world. Life is complicated, it will give you some, also take away some, make you happy, also let you pain. The wonder of it is that seems poised, but let everybody is not the same. Optimistic person, always can in the limited of life out of the infinite, because they are better at see hope in desperate place, capture may be in the impossible. Hope looked bleak, but fell in the depths of time. Very still, waiting, waiting for meet with mind tough and bright people. When you give up, perhaps it is also in tears, because, it has to do with you only zhichizhiyao. Life's a lot of change, not before, but often miss. Sometimes, negative thoughts too quickly, can kidnap our will. Preconceived hinted that will make us in deny yourself, more empowering. If you're used to stand in the garden blowing, might as well on the wooden ladder to climb on the roof. Not only because of the roof of the larger, more cool wind, it is important that you'll mind suddenly opened, see can't see the scenery in the garden. Unfortunately, some people a lifetime don't give yourself a chance to make the roof. They were bottom of the heart the compound imprisoned for too long and too deep. Life is beautiful, they see. Lighting 'together with you! Source: web
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