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Need to install courtyard fireplace? Watching these a few you will know the answer

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
Courtyard fireplace is installed in the outdoor the fireplace in the yard, in addition to the heating in winter, and decorative courtyard, family, friends dinner party for the function of the outdoor campfire, barbecue. This fireplace has necessary fittings? Before answering this question, let's look at a few this when we introduce the fireplace. 1, courtyard fireplace is the fireplace, natural, original, ecological, sweet is its keywords, sitting beside the fireplace, whether the family meal, or friends will have a taste. Crack burning fire, Europe type amorous feelings of the fireplace, family and friends get together, chat say ground, how natural and romantic, it is the art of beauty, the enjoyment of life. 2, the courtyard fireplace but from the outside, the fireplace than fireplace look more fashion, more modern, and more simple. In addition, the fireplace clean environmental protection, does not need complex cleanup. Simple installation at the same time, do not need building installation duct, flue, a large fireplace only two or three days to finish the whole installation process, can also be used as a mobile, and is also easy to use, as long as the basic button, remote control is ok. Of course, the most important thing is, its use cost is lower, need only 3 per hour. 2 ~ 4. Eight yuan. 3, courtyard gas fireplace gas fireplace is burning natural gas, liquefied gas fireplace, it has many advantages: do not produce wood ash, there will be no embers, without chimney, rarely need building permits. Of course, their heating effect may not be good fireplace, also the lack of natural pristine beauty. Above is courtyard fireplace, they each have each advantage, but is the fireplace, with real flame, no matter in winter to keep warm, beautiful decoration, or on the ambience can produce very good result, so, if you have ideas, interested friends might as well bold attempt, let own garden scenery. More details welcome consulting fireplace!
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