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mylar light diffuser for recessed ceiling lights

by:Longjian     2020-03-27
Ceiling wall lamp (a. k. a. pot lights)
It is common at home.
However, the downlights they produce may be a bit harsh and dazzling.
Try making this elegant and economical mylar light diffuser for soft light.
All you need is some fairly affordable material, some fairly basic geometric skills, and some basic paper. cutting skills.
This light diffuser is basically a cone that is rolled by a plain drawing mylar plate.
It is a cone that removes a part from it and turns it into a \"light spoon \".
The design was inspired by the Diwali of Zaha Hadid restaurant, an architect at the expansion of the Serpentine Gallery in London.
Your embedded Longjian ceiling lighthas an exterior ring and the mylar light diffuser will be installed inside this ring, so we need to measure its inner diameter.
Measure the inner diameter with a tape measure or ruler.
Since the inner wall of your decorative ring may be tilted, there may be some changes in your measurement, which makes it difficult to make very accurate measurements.
But it doesn\'t matter to get a super player.
Accurate numbers, so just determine a reasonable and accurate number. (
Disclaimer: the next few steps will involve some mathematical and geometric work, but not too hard)
Using the diameter you measured in step 1, refer to the figure below to calculate the length of the triangle ABC | AC |.
Length | AC | can be calculated from the formula below, giving the following conclusion: this is an example of this formula.
Assume that the diameter of the ceiling lamp is 5.
5 \"and the cone height of 13\", the math looks like this: now we know the three dimensions of the cone triangle (from Step 2)
, We need to calculate the size and shape of the unwrapped cone.
This is what we need so that we can draw and cut cones from a flat sheet of wheat.
The painting shows an unpacked cone like a slice of pizza.
We already know the side length of this pizza (
Value AC in step 2 calculation)
But now we need to calculate the following: the formula for the circumference of a circle is. . . where π is pi (3. 14159…)
, R is the radius we measured from the pot light decoration.
Our example is calculated using a diameter of 5.
5 \"and the cone height of 13\" looks like this: Next, let\'s calculate the center angle of our flat cone.
The formula is: we know the arc length from the previous calculation (Step 3)
, The radius is the AC size of the pizza slice-the radius of the unfolding cone, not the radius of the ceiling light.
Calculated to: convert radians to angles, multiplied by 180/π.
Finally: Next, let\'s draw our flat cone into a vector-
A drawing program like Adobe Illustrator. (
CAD program can also).
Draw a flat cone using all the dimensions calculated in the previous steps.
The last step, if we wrap our drawing into cones, we get a solid cone.
In this step, we will cut the cone, which will produce the cut opening of the cone.
Using the Besel tool, draw a \"s\" curve that extends from one side edge of the flat cone to the cone (invisible)center line.
Make sure this curve intersects the edge at a vertical angle.
Mirror this curve to the other side and trim the edges on both sides (
Eliminate the \"points\" of the flat cone \")
, So your drawing usually matches the second illustration here. (
Yes, it looks like men\'s underwear)
The cone needs some mounting labels so that the magnet can attach the cone to the metal trim ring.
Now you have the final drawing shape of your cone.
Print out the spoon you drew in full size/full size.
In order to make the whole spoon, you may need to tile together a few print sheets.
Tape the tiled paper together to make the entire spoon print out.
** Option: you can use the cutter if you are lucky enough (
Just like the Konsberg cutter, you can also use it to \"print\" the spoon you drew. A fully-
Your result is a flat scoop.
Put your spoon print on a pull-out sheet and tape it.
Carefully cut the pattern with Olfatype knife.
Now roll your pull flat spoon into the 3D spoon.
Connect the two flat edges with a piece of transparent tape to the inside of the Mai LA to create a 3D spoon.
Use a magnet to connect the pull spoon to the inner surface of the ceiling lamp decorative ring.
The magnet should be small but strong.
Here is a suggested magnet: pull the spoon so it can sit directly on the ceiling. You\'re done now!
Repeat as needed, make as many spoons as possible for as many ceiling lights as possible.
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