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My house is suitable for installing the fireplace?

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
The installation of the embedded fireplace is the most complex projects all the fireplace in the project. If in the home to install a new fireplace, the need for space reserved. The most troublesome is the chimney, it will need flue hot air and part of ashes from outside. However, in some families, this is not possible in construction. Consulting the fireplace installation professionals, asking whether your home is suitable for installing a new fireplace. If not, you may want to consider the alternatives of some embedded fireplace. To determine whether the traditional embedded fireplace is appropriate for your first step is to find out whether your house has reserved a chimney. You may feel have set aside the flue is obvious, but many villa owners may find that their home does have a hidden in the walls inside the chimney. Check your home of the original construction drawings, and add or change over the years. If the purchase of second-hand housing, you can also contact the previous owner. If sure has reserved chimney in the home, you need to be professional inspection to ensure safety. Because you will practical fire, chimney safety is an important aspect of the fireplace project. Chimney used may not be absolute security professionals are needed to assess the status of the chimney. As liner aging or incomplete, unstable bricks or not form a complete set of smoke caps is likely to be unsafe factors. Once you determine the safety of the chimney, you can install on your own fireplace. According to whether leave your house before the mouth of the cave, the choice of the fireplace. If you have reserved the mouth of the cave, you can place an embedded fireplace, if not, you can choose to separate the fireplace. Fireplace by remote control switch quickly generate a large amount of heat, do not need to prepare wood. Has the edge, straight through the fireplace doesn't need big size of the chimney, so you can quickly and easily install the fireplace to most of the existing buildings. However, because you will use gas, so before starting any installation project, must fully understand how to install the fireplace. 1. Select the location of the fireplace. In determining the location of the fireplace, please be sure to consider various factors. Fireplace room should have enhanced the effect of design and characteristic, but if possible, it should be placed in a suitable installation of pipeline, circuit and exhaust pipe. Usually install on the wall outside independent fireplace is the easiest, because the ventilation pipe can be directly out from the wall. Also, remember that pipe needs between the columns, therefore should be considered when choosing precise location to this. 2. To order the fireplace. There are many styles to choose from. To the fireplace exhibition hall can get professional help, the fireplace is the Italian Italkero fireplace general agent in China, in zhongshan, Shanghai, hangzhou hall fully shows the model provided by the Italian Italkero fireplace manufacturer, go to the exhibition hall on-site experience not only can see a variety of styles fireplace, can also refer to different design style of the fireplace. When ordering the fireplace, the easiest way is to buy all the parts required. This will include the fireplace, and the wall between the pipe and a fixed pipe parts, etc. When you decide to purchase, sales engineer will give you details of the plan. 3. Buy or build the platform of a fireplace was laid. Actually the size of the fireplace itself is quite small, it directly on the floor there is a certain danger. Don't let the floors and fireplace, you need to set up a platform. Use match the room the overall design of materials, but it must be flame retardant materials. Can be a brick stone or ceramic tile. The platform of fireplace, a company may be made in advance for your purchase. When ordering the fireplace ordering platform may be the most convenient solution. Please be sure to consult manufacturers instructions on how to install platform. , you also need to set aside the necessary clearance, location size reference to manufacturers specifications requirements.
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