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Modern minimalist style contemporary and contracted meals chandeliers nature

by:Longjian     2020-10-15
Modern natural modern minimalist style meals chandeliers, northern Europe, and even have modern Chinese style elements, without style is the unique style of TV wall without any shape and pure white TV ark, wrought iron shelf, plus a wall clock balcony constitute the whole picture on the wall with a sheer white gauze curtain, if plastic wood and large pebbles adornment of the balcony, in the afternoon sun restaurant with a pair of ink lotus highlights the artistic conception, white contemporary and contracted meals chandeliers. Is next to the open kitchen floor tile of wall of gray with white ambry of the lacquer that bake, clean lines since the life breath of kitchen in the corner of the bookcase, desk of the study and bucket ark of a very large and comfortable desk necessities for people who often surf the Internet is the main bed tail room a four door and real wood ark wardrobe, black wrought iron bed reserved second lie children room source: simple toilet decorate a 33 days
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