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Modern lighting led household lighting market demand

by:Longjian     2020-08-27
Like other lamps and lanterns, make modern lamps works a lot of raw materials, plastic, glass, metal, ceramic and porcelain. Including ceramic, glass, long service life, it is difficult to degrade, and very generous. Lights on the device of heavy metals ( Parts, for instance) Basically will slow attenuation, and use time in five years. Plastic will reduce the efficiency of modern lighting soon, one of them is plastic, because plastic will change in the heat. No modern lighting and contemporary lighting which is really good, depending on the style of dress, the height of the floor and wall color customization. Basically, modern art lamp is suitable for the new houses, bedroom, kitchen, toilet, etc. Such as the height above the ground, the color of wall as forest green, shallow blue, can be used to absorb dome light of contemporary light, make the light bright, wide, there are noisy, luxuriant feeling; The height of the floor under 3 meters, metope is light yellow or white, should use modern lighting effect, to enhance the vast hall room detection ability. , should be paid attention to during the installation process, the new building of modern lighting equipment and low distance between the ground should not be less than 3. 2 meters, the width of the modern lighting in restaurants and should not be too small. If it is too low, it will become very crowded, and will show the discovery of oppression. At present, most modern modern art lights are using traditional low-pressure simple pearl light and fluorescent light sources, and make full use of the characteristics of the LED light source for modern design and development direction of simple lighting. Enterprise development. The perfect combination of contemporary and contracted lighting and LED lighting makes it a contemporary and contracted into the era of the LED lighting an unstoppable trend. China is still in the large-scale urbanization period, and expand the market situation in the city construction to contain the tens of billions of household lighting needs. At the same time, the second-tier cities from one to three or four line city, the domestic real estate market heats up also led to domestic lighting market demand. , on the other hand, in recent years, with the improvement of consumer income level, their demand for household lamps and lanterns of personalized and decorative continue to increase, and household lighting is no longer limited to the simple lighting requirements, thus caused to the medium-sized lamps and lanterns more market demand. And the high-end home lighting.
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