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Modern lighting can be better to change the room atmosphere

by:Longjian     2020-09-05
Modern art lamp manufacturer plays an important role in the design specification, is usually according to customer's actual size to choose the size of the lamp of the sitting room. For many lights, general average sitting room of the house of general usually in 2, 5 and 3 meters high, so the choice of the lamp is not more than 1, 2, m, or more than 4 meters villa living room within 5 meters, you should choose one with only five meters above lights that are comfortable. At the same time, the height of the lamp body is best not to below the diameter, otherwise it will make its lack of beautiful by ratio imbalance. In this day and age, by constantly thinking, innovation and technological breakthroughs, in addition to light and light up the darkness of the night room, the meaning of light on the way of 'the pursuit of light' is endowed with more connotation. To improve the living environment of human beings. A simple space, with wood as the main color, add the color items in the space, the adornment picture, for example, tablecloths and other rich expression. When decorating, everyone should learn to use the color of adornment to decorate the space. Create the feeling of want is actually very simple. The art of painting and illustration can be found in the gallery and some shops in the street. Lamp lighting brand of modern art is no longer a single lighting in the night, but highlights the city's vitality, fashion and cultural elements. The light reflection on the city's past and present. From the initial dozens of lamp to today's 20000 lamp, from simplex incandescent lamp, mercury lamp to all kinds of high pressure sodium lamp, LED street light and so on change, reflecting the footprint of the urban and rural construction and development. As part of the rural infrastructure, rural street lamp in traffic safety, social security, the people's life and urban landscape plays an important role, and has irreplaceable function, shows the rural is strong and mature. Wooden walls all the way to the dining room, make the space has strong unity, open layout is especially capacious and transparent. The design of space lighting also worthy of reference. Contemporary and contracted restaurant droplight, the combination of the main light source and secondary light source can be fully illuminated every corner of the space. Tailored with functions of storage and display of the grid to collect the be fond of of all kinds of glass cup cabinet met the hostess, also became one of the unique scenery of striking in the family. These different styles of glasses can be found in the street shops and online.
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