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Modern art light for use on outdoor butt plugs and tail plug place should be waterproof processing

by:Longjian     2020-08-24
Modern art lamp commodity structure constantly explore different, widely carnegie-give another long, continuous launched with a variety of artistic features and data structure of sectional tunnel lights. Modern art has color rich, safe, energy-saving lamps and lanterns, characteristics such as strong, the primary raw material is iron or stainless steel achieve beautification decoration, all kinds of art form of modern art lighting is make up of road lighting. Appearance of different lighting such as street dancers, the day as the object recognition; The night wore on, the rich and colorful high brightness light source for the night added a few minutes quiet and beauty. The point light source is a new patent products of our company, in the composition of its light weight, small in wind resistance, grand, color rich, it selects the dc low voltage power supply method, with energy saving, safety, long life, from protection strength. Modern art light rainbow tube including lamp lights with modern art, modern art flexible neon lamp, etc. , to install, try not to bring all the lights down from the scroll, and then mounted on an entire article to the building; Because if too hard will lead to the lamp with the main line fault, the lamps with caused irreparable damage; If there is not bright, can use a blade cut out unit, and then use the middle connector on the butt. Here to remind is, outdoor use tail docking plug and plug in all should do waterproof processing. From the point of the current domestic market, a lot of modern art lamp enterprises are due to lack of sales channels, or a period, prices lead to competition is intense, the situation is very obvious, this for future development is also will have certain negative effect, foreign major developed economies recession will LED lighting of export-oriented enterprises. Can be used for lamp lighting light source, there are many kinds of modern art, when choosing the light source should be went up from the effect, the performance and cost considerations. When comparing the cost of different solutions, not just compare the price of light source, more should be the whole life period of comprehensive economic analysis comparison, because some of the high efficiency, long life light source, though the price is higher, but the decrease in the number of use, operation and low maintenance cost economically and technically is reasonable.
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