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Modern art lamp should be how to maintain?

by:Longjian     2020-08-29
Modern art droplight refers to the lamps and lanterns hanging down, more to wire or iron bracket hanging and is very suitable for the sitting room, bedroom, dining room, corridor, hotel lobby space, can very good to enhance general adornment effect. Common chandeliers are continental candlestick droplight, Chinese style droplight, crystal droplight, parchment lamp, droplight, conical cover lanterns, fashion pointed flat hood lanterns, lanterns, waist cover five fork ball droplight, yulan cover lanterns, olives, chandeliers, etc. , when the choice according to the adornment style of space to decide. Modern art lamp shape of classical Chinese art droplight, bright, suit to install in the foyer area, light touch give a person with enthusiasm the joyful atmosphere. Chinese style style is well advised to choose a parchment droplight, copper lamps, etc. , all well advised to choose a continental candlestick of Europe type style droplight, olive droplight, etc. , and modern style, contracted style droplight choice is relatively wide, mainly decided by personal preferences. If the corridor area is quite large in the home, want to highlight the screen and adornment, good collocation to shoot the light. Restaurant if you choose to install the lamp, modern art should pay attention to eating mood, foil gives more the household atmosphere of warmth, romantic, and try to choose warm color to move, and can adjust the brightness of the light source. Bedroom if the installation of modern art lamp, it is suggested that choose warm white light contracted type droplight, better able to loosen body and mind, build a more conducive to sleep. So what the sitting room with lights is better? Sitting room lamps and lanterns of choose and buy? Nowadays, all kinds of room, so daylighting is good, also will inevitably have poor lighting. Hall this area compared with other places natural bright and good, but at the top do condole top, decorate again auxiliary light source. Such as: light, shoot the light, at the same time can reveal grade and class. As is known to all, every country to form a unique style, small lights are to be consistent with the. Such as the Europe type style of the bedroom, suitable for chandelier, crystal lamp; If American country of bedroom, sitting room lamps and lanterns don't need too gorgeous, too fancy. If it is a Chinese style of the bedroom, you can choose the new Chinese style art lamp; If rural style, then choose too gorgeous retro modern art lamp.
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