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Modern art lamp provides multi-level prospective designs city-lighting design approach

by:Longjian     2020-08-22
Evening walk on the three street, six lane, we led lamp line can be seen everywhere. The led lamp line has already been applied to the led landscape lighting, it can be a good draw the outline of the outline of the building wall body, all show the gorgeous night big cities. A have all kinds of useful Nordic modern lamp, capable of building lighting, garden lighting, outdoor lighting lighting, ancient architectural structures, bridge lighting, etc. All kinds of rope, and the effect is excellent, won numerous customers. And in accordance with the different season, also provide multi-level prospective designs city-lighting design approach. The modern key usage or lighting lighting lamp, will create a wall a rolling screen, will be free time. Used in Bridges, in particular, if there are water spray effect, is more beautiful and moving, like a rainbow. Wash wall lamp manufacturers of the modern light outside is extruded aluminum external commonly, there are some surface anodic oxidation treatment, screening methods: untreated softening of mark not wipe off, processed to soften the scar can erase. At the time of outdoor lighting design, is to be able to use led lights in the night or other the foil that the original appearance of the scenery, more add attractive scenery, so want to know first lighting design, and set behind what I wanted to show, a similar set of landscape lighting to suit the designers wanted to show ideas, create a more beautiful scenery. At night, the same metropolitan buildings were hiding in the dark. After the heart set, only new and full of local characteristics of fine buildings, according to the municipal lighting project light up at night. Not only can give the vitality of a big city, and to create a unique atmosphere of big cities, and designs city-lighting design is to improve the city's art effect, make people feeling in scene, from the memories revive at the, ingenious use of lighting to show the construction of individual character, make the lighting effect, practical, make outdoor lighting in big cities are not limited to stop in the decorative lighting, but the art to achieve dramatic aesthetic lighting, to adopt the light and shadow to join, make the topography and geomorphology, green plant, water and other essential elements in the night when she has beautiful scenery, beautiful sceneries can eat. What matters is the specifications of the external size, cooling capacity, nature, weight with the coefficient of heat transfer caused a strong suitable thermal equilibrium, reduce the continuous temperature and light bead is impaired, in view of this, more recommendations for purpose of slightly stronger products.
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