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Modern art lamp give people comfort

by:Longjian     2020-09-06
Modern art lamp in gongs louder in a home, a large group of people listen to another home, the other from a string of firecrackers and flourishing. As a tumultuous joy, to the middle of the night. In that time I was a kid, I have to follow the light of modern art team, that is to play the middle of the night. With my company and my cousin cousin also have home underneath the house next door neighbor little sister. People came to the family, and that is a big hill gentle slope surface is a very large home village, stone house, and even have a street community slowly lift from the ground to the mountain slopes. Rich and colorful, bright, people go forward quickly, always smiling. At that time, I go beyond a small ditch, due to the position quickly, mercilessly fell and don't worry, endure a endure, pain quickly in the past, cheer again following the light of modern art team moving. Modern art lamp are all by a light body, should be every village often, people chestnut village lights in ginger head, adjacent to the home in the village of light should be bay in the well. Near the village of modern art lamp are all in each other, therefore, every night very modern art lamp, household others often have modern art lamp, happy every home every one of us. Too far area of modern art lamp team sometimes come back, I also see from long double jiang pounce on poor areas of modern art lamp, everyone is very pleased to have with them. This kind of thing all is in my contact home also inseparable twenty years ago. Most of the population is now lost, young people are in a hurry back home in a hurry, modern art lamp should be very little to play, to the hao fireworks fireworks cover all over the method of hi replaced these guys closely enough interactive modern art lamp party activities. Things change, many genres of traditional items gradually fade out the line of sight of people. People's life rhythm too fast, for thousands of years has left no, rich and colorful cultural and art gradually taste. There was a time, there was a interior space, can once again feel rich and colorful, happy auspicious aura strong traditional amusement equipment for the new project, I think one year if there is a feeling, a more than a year is a lot of happy, he is not easy to forget the past, it is not easy to forget about his hometown, he alone is not easy, 'he will be confident to go out. Let a person very pleasant is a modern art lamp in the New Year auspicious happy amusement equipment for the new project is still not completely faded, small-scale taxpayers alarm lamp theme of modern art in my hometown or entities, or is there a man in, scheduled on its own, happy with others. Well one of my live in the village of west bay's uncle is a man of passion, plays an agency, peripheral closely around a group of young people. In his usual, native goat, breeding duck, fish, and even in loudi establishments, busy writing. To the New Year, and my friend he is the light of modern art play up, modern art lamp again noisy in the large soil in my hometown, send luck again since the ancient times of happiness.
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