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Miss guzhen lighting culture festival, you are really 'blue thin, mushroom'! ( Contemporary and contracted LED droplight]

by:Longjian     2020-10-12
Miss guzhen lighting culture festival, you really 'blue thin, mushrooms'! ( Contemporary and contracted LED droplight] Golden autumn in October, 2016 China international lighting culture festival of ancient horn blew the whole world, lights are China, fighting for dream, with many years insisted on 'ancient dream', 'zhongshan dream', 'Chinese dream' ready, waiting for a magnificent parade around the world. All look forward to cry sublimation is going to be a 'light world, flying dream' 'sand' concert. This October, let's cry together 'sand concert in brilliant lights this year's festival. Three bright spots it is enabling new main 2 is' clothes' third, folk culture activities' new elements' four meaning after the G20 summit, hangzhou lighting town shock 'light' meal, global attention to light as the medium, to friends, old town launched the invitation; Humanized service and reception capacity, bronzing name card security strength, accelerated the lights are in line with international standards of 'corner overtaking sand the concert as a fresh element lights this year's festival, when the lights are on, before the ecological wetland park plaza, in the form of popular forms, the lights and the culture of organic integration, mutual penetration. A grand 'music' soldiers ceremony is about to debut! - October 22 28 8:00 - every night 10:00 just before the lights are ecological wetland park plaza sand concert, contemporary and contracted in the LED lighting and you got up a scene!
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