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Melbourne brewery industrial building style change apartment house [ The Nordic industrial contracted droplight]

by:Longjian     2020-10-13
Melbourne brewery industrial building style change apartment house [ The Nordic industrial contracted droplight] The industrial loft apartment is a former brewery, now is the fitness coach Brett Murray, a coffee shop boss Stuart McKenzie and indoor stylist Simon Carver three men and a dog home. Bare brick walls, the furniture of brunet floor lamp and industrial elements of contemporary and contracted, create a full of masculine style, bold with exquisite decoration, let the home is full of charm. Stuart and Simon help Brett rebuild repair this apartment has spent the last four months, due to the original lighting problems, they simply chose brunet attune to family, and love of industrial style, this is the idea of the beginning of the residence. Using bare brick wall collocation of brunet furniture modern inside the sitting room, the furniture of different material texture adds a space, let originally straightforward space much a delicate touch. Many different style of painting is hanging on the wall, from James Makin Gallery. Element of a few wooden furniture and tropical plants ornament, let the home more natural, balance the monotonicity of industrial. The kitchen of open mode is a continuation of the industrial style, also is the combination of old and new elements. Wooden black island with metallic kitchen equipment to form a cold a warm effect, exquisite tableware and some green plants on clapboard adorned among them, create a good visual effect. With an exclusive terrace, perhaps we can guess the three of the big man's terrace may drink is one of the best sites, rather than drinking, however, they are more exquisite heart side, balcony plants are taken care of by their own. Different style of the bedroom has its exclusive and grey space creates an atmosphere of calm, the ox horn decoration on the wall is very bright eye. Another's bedroom much a color, the choice decorates Indian headdress, individual character is dye-in-the-wood. Compared with the design of the whole apartment, the bathroom is relatively soft space, in order to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, easy to match with classic black and white space, plants and wooden tables is the best choice. Source: idzoom - Interior designer
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