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making tv, fireplace and view work together

by:Longjian     2020-03-31
Contrast between fireplace and TV.
Husband to wife
When planning a family room or living room in a new house or major renovation, \"husband and wife will argue about what is more important, TV, fireplace or landscape, says Sarah Susanka, she is an architect in Minneapolis and a columnist for The Magazine of excellent home architecture.
\"A husband usually wants a big one --
TV screen.
My wife doesn\'t watch much TV. she wants to see the scenery.
Both wanted the fireplace but they didn\'t know where to put it.
The three companies are compatible, she said, but getting them to work together in a room requires some reflection on the precious traditions.
For most homeowners, the Longjian fireplace is a powerful symbol of the home and fireplace, and they automatically organize the room around the fireplace.
But a lot of people who want a fireplace don\'t actually use it.
Even if they do, they don\'t watch as centrally as they do on TV;
This is just part of the room atmosphere.
No fireplace in the center of the stage;
It must be in the room.
The TV doesn\'t have to be the center of the stage either, but, unlike the fireplace, it is viewed in a centralized manner and needs to be placed where people can sit and watch comfortably, says susaka.
Placing the fireplace and TV nearby, even on the same wall, makes it easier to place the furniture, but if you\'re looking at tract, it\'s still problematic --built houses.
\"Many home builders are now setting up a viewing location on the fireplace for TV,\" said Lita Dirks, interior designer at Englewood, Colorado.
He works for home builders across the country.
\"It looks good, but in a small room, you will stretch your neck to see.
You don\'t want to feel like you\'re always in the front row of the cinema.
\"The solution for Dirks is to put the TV in a niche next to the fireplace, preferably in a cabinet where when you use the space for other things, you can turn on and watch the TV and turn it off
A pile of cabinets can also store CD players, tape decks, video recorders, video tapes, and all the other equipment that goes with the TV in most homes, she said. Built-
Debbie sarin, a kitchen designer in Beltsville, Maryland, said that it sounds expensive in cabinets, but the creative combination of kitchen cabinets can surprise this price.
More expensive half
Custom Cabinet collection, you can get base cabinets specially designed for TV, with folding pocket door and rotating base, and additional base cabinets with custom Rolls
Take out the tray to hold something else.
If your budget limits your storage of cabinets that rarely provide these features, Saling recommends combining basic cabinets with open shelves for TV, books, photos, plants and anything else you might want to show.
Cd, VCR and other less beautiful items can still be stored in basic cabinets, but you have to modify them yourself.
However, you almost always have a way to do this, says Saling.
If you don\'t want cabinets, the size and scale of the TV and fireplace should be taken into account in their location, dikes said.
If you want a huge TV screen, \"it needs its own territory,\" she will put it in another room.
If you are willing to accept a more modest person
She said that the size of the TV, when placing it near the fireplace, a good rule of thumb is that the TV should not be larger than the fireplace and surrounding environment.
Susanka often organizes a family room or living room, so that the circle sitting on the TV can be easily viewed, the fireplace is on the diagonal of the corner nearby, the room is within the view, but does not dominate.
In order to have more options on how to set up the furniture, she tends to put the TV on a folding swivel table that can turn to the audience.
The view outside is important, Susanka said, but it is only part of the atmosphere of the room.
\"We like to have it surround us, but unless it has a focus like a bird feeder, we don\'t sit and watch it like a TV.
\"It is also important to separate the two ---
Watch and watch TV-
In this way, people watching TV do not have to face the bright light from the window.
If the seating area is facing the TV, she will place the view on the side and back.
Even if the TV is not on the same wall as the window, if the view is facing the West, you can still have a glare problem with the afternoon sun.
When this happens, if you watch TV in the afternoon, you have to cover the window with curtains or curtains.
The living room or family room can be used to watch TV, enjoy the view or fire, but still have to accommodate all other family activities that occur there, Susanka said.
Talking, eating, reading, and children\'s games work in almost any space.
Adding music to music, computer homework and homework together can complicate things, mainly because some of these activities need to be quiet and focused.
For example, when you work on your computer and pay your bills, you don\'t want to be distracted by rap music.
In order to get the privacy of those tasks that need it, Susanka recommends adding a small study room to the family room, which can be closed with French doors when needed, but this is still visually related to family room activities.
The big kids who use such a room for homework are still very close to the kitchen so they can ask questions and parents can supervise them.
For some families, putting the TV in a study with French doors is a way to solve the conflict activities in the family room.
If adding a study is not in line with your budget, another possibility is to close the living room with French doors, an option offered by many home builders.
With the living room getting smaller, it might be more appropriate to use the space as a study room anyway.
While living in the House, converting the living room into other uses also solves a major problem for new home buyers who are worried about reselling.
Many people are reluctant to phase out a living room even if they know it won\'t be used because of concerns that it will harm the resale potential of the House, Susanka said.
Catherine salante is a columnist for new homes.
Can contact her by email
Email in news @ inman. com.
Released by Inman News Features.
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