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Maintain the fireplace seven important skills

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
There are many different types - of the fireplace Electricity, and - But little don't want to talk about today is about the fireplace maintenance problems. First before buying this kind of equipment, you need enough professional personnel to inspect the whole space, to make sure it is suitable for installation fireplace. A few years ago, I a good friend of choice is the home inspection. When he launched the fireplace, attic and whole can smell smoke in the home. So in order to avoid similar things happen, small don't suggest you the first time the installation environment. Another problem associated with fireplace and chimney is creosote accumulation. Creosote is acquired by distilling tar chemical product, the density of tar heavier than water, and formed around a chimney black oily residue. When the incomplete combustion of wood, ash and smoke tar is produced. Under the low temperature burning wood will cause oil is difficult to complete combustion of wood. When the smoke through the chimneys rises, it will encounter condensing into water, carbon and volatiles condensation will also be attached on the inner surface of the chimney flue. When creosote too much, it will hinder the movement of air convection in the chimney, and the chamber of a stove or furnace cannot get enough oxygen for combustion. Because of creosote is highly combustible, if it come into contact with hot oxygen of chimney, it may be light leading to the chimney fire. Inside the chimney fire can quickly spread to the construction of main structure, and most homes are frame structure, with the most ideal combustion environment. In order to help you avoid the risk of fire within the chimney, here are seven related advice for your reference: 1. At least once a year by a professional cleaning and check the chimney and clean your fireplace, if creosote always quick accumulation in the chimney wall, this inspection frequency should be increased to six months at a time. The total cost also is not much, ranging from five hundred to seven hundred, but it can redefine buy peace. 2. Do you have an opening on the chimney of the side cover, usually with net cloth cover, to prevent rain, birds, squirrels and other animals and debris into the chimney. Should periodically check the lid and, when necessary, to replace the lid. 3. Check whether there is fireplace chimney internal crushed stone and other debris. 4. Note also the fireplace in the chimney soot accumulation. Ash more flammable than creosote, should be cleaned regularly. If possible, use maple, oak, ash and birch hardwood as the fuel. Hardwood has the advantage that they burn calories, long time, with less tar and SAP, not easy the creation creosote. 5. At any time in the fireplace in the possible reasons of the smoke at work, nothing more is a chimney too dirty, soot accumulation is serious, there are other stuff, not open or not open damper or the incomplete combustion of wood. 6. In order to improve the efficiency of the fireplace, please turn off heat the glass door to prevent heat loss, and use the fan or blower will heat into the other room. Heat-resistant glass door is indispensable to a full security objects, because they can let the ash discharge outside rather than inside. Thanks to the development of technology, now most of the glass door with automatic air curtain technology, generally don't have to clean up, if needed, should be used in the normal temperature condition of tissues and glass door cleaner to wipe the fireplace. 7. Regular cleaning the fireplace inside. Removing ashes. When cleaning the fireplace, please wear a dust mask and gloves. Fireplace has many advantages, including to save heating costs and provide heat source and the look of a well. At the same time, the maintenance of the fireplace and maintenance is very important. To maintain the safety of the fireplace and chimney, what steps did you take? Welcome to leave a message with small share.
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