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Made of black and white and colorful art lighting delicate contracted space [ LED acrylic chandelier]

by:Longjian     2020-10-11
Made of black and white and colorful art lighting delicate contracted space [ LED acrylic chandelier] Designer Hubert Zandberg are very good at rich art adornment space, he thinks that every piece of art has its own emotion and story, only put in the right place, the proper collocation, can reveal the real meaning. The rich content of apartment is located in Paris, France, the designer Hubert Zandberg in black and white color as the base, use a lot of adornment to fill the whole space. Retain the original curved surfaces, let a space bring grace and gentle breath, brunet woodiness floor laid flowers gray carpet, the sofa of black and white case grain in wood package edge, postmodern contracted floor lamp with very simple sense of taste a gentleman, tea table and chairs all chose black, in order to avoid the little space of dim and dull, white metope can mediate indoor colour, retained little brass element of the ornament, raise luxuriant feeling, rich art from plain coloured adornment to refined decoration, almost all corners of the fill the space, also because of the small decorations, bring more surprise to get a little crowded apartment, the line of sight with the transfer, no won't feel boring. Because of the space area is relatively small, the sitting room and kitchen restaurant is in an area, the layout can maximize the use of the space of open mode, long table behind the sofa of black, black and white pottery art stool and table color echo each other, the kitchen is located in the side, in the pure white cabinet put oneself in another's position of the line of sight of clean feeling, use mirror folding door partition space at the same time, when not in use will fold door closed, specular reflection effect can have the effect of enlarge field of vision. Small bedroom area lost too much heavy and complicated to decorate, can easily reveal several books often look of grade, decorated with color contrast of the deep and shallow whole space, the dark grey wall cloth to do the background of the head of a bed wall, hanging on metope adornment of white, dark white pillow, bedding, comparative and bright color to bring quiet and peaceful environment and sleep. Wash bath USES black and white color contrast, exquisite tiles, white walls, black package box, the colour of a minimalist model a beautiful space atmosphere. Source: idzoom - Interior designer
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