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Long knowledge, originally my villa fireplace and so many doorways

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
Along with the continuous improvement of people's living standard, the villa this multilayer 'small house' is also popular up, after this place spacious, for other household products taste the same is also a rising tide lifts all boats, villa fireplace this old & new word appears so things, actually in China and the west has a fireplace cradle and its according to, but because of different culture, later seems to be advocating 'good r on water' in ancient times China faded away, it was not until after entering 2010 s recovery gradually, because of its unique symbol of the taste and style of architecture vocabulary with practical extraordinary popular heating function, suitable for what kind of fireplace but villa? Is there any need to pay attention to when shopping? Can because of the specifications of the villa villa decorates a style, fireplace material and have some can't in advance and restrictions? Today, the small mo don't related to the fireplace lovers share the villa fireplace conditions and standards of choose and buy those things. General speaking, from the function generally installed in the villa fireplace can be divided into: fireplaces, electric fireplaces two kinds big. Electric fireplace and subdivided into pure ornamental decoration electric fireplace, neither have heating function, only have high simulation of real fire electric fireplace, mainly is suitable for the remaining small space inside the villa or itself, to foil atmosphere of whole space; Another is electric fireplace, with heating effect can keep out the cold winter, can enjoy at the beginning of the summer, the heating effect is not as traditional heater, focusing ability is much better than other types of furniture, experience is the roof. Let's look at the fireplace in detail, the summary is: fireplace, fireplace, fireplace, pellet fireplace, outdoor fireplace that true fire fireplace, when burned, etc as the fireplace with part of the fireplace at build time is need to chimney flue erection laid to dust and smoke exhaust, the rest is similar to the fireplace is don't need a flue and chimney, they are very suitable for single-family villas. The heating effect of natural and comfortable itself is a classic ornamental landscape design elements, can reveal master and unparalleled style grade, brings to the villa residence booming up new vitality. On the installation of it, the main villa fireplace is divided into independent type, hanging fireplace and embedded fireplace, fireplace so three main categories, detached fireplace is for minimum installation requirements, installation flexibility of the highest, it won't destroy decorate a style and decoration style has been formed, can easily be mounted on any position, is the first choice for the icing on the cake decoration elements. Embedded fireplace is different, as opposed to a detached fireplace, it must set aside enough before installing the size of the smoke channel, also tend to use mantel for auxiliary decoration, to say the embedded fireplace itself is indoor style of the initiator and the main body, it can maximum limit display the elegant and refined atmosphere of whole space. The most special is hanging the fireplace, it is more like an alien fireplace, a look after the sick of the same art, it is often hung in the main position of the room, various cultural exchange activities around it, is a close relationship between people a boost. Unchecked villa fireplace corresponds to the different using environment, either from the perspective of specifications or features are different. Said like a bedroom with sitting room is the best place to install and use the fireplace, but both is different, the major functions in the bedroom put fireplace for heating of the heat, because you can choose size is relatively small individual, in theory, size 700 * 600 * 400 ( mm) The fireplace heating area is up to 20 - 70 ㎡, fully effectively meet the demand for heating in the bedroom. But placed in the living room fireplace required qualifications shall be in line with or a whole villa design concept with decorate a style, and with the maximum architectural language to express master extraordinary taste, moreover the villa in the area of the sitting room, are generally bigger, so should choose larger size of the fireplace.
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