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Like the fireplace you, how to choose a high quality wooden fireplace?

by:Longjian     2020-10-21
Wood fireplace, with its variety of modelling, the material of warm, vivid flame win is villa, club, a family favorite. From design, wooden fireplace is also divided into contracted and modern European and American basically see what kind of style, is suitable decoration to the what occasions such as rural wind modern wind of contracted some light in the fireplace integral atmosphere will be more pure and fresh and refined; American are exaggerated, some strong colors and gorgeous colour or is multifarious carve patterns or designs on woodwork; Some European is more hale and hearty, but more is a simple sense and emotional appeal. A, design features all designed by senior designers in Europe and America, in Europe to design a style, fully display the solemn and elegant design, smooth lines, thick and concise, more embodies the European romantic thought and modern human feelings; In American design style, design elegant, style is concise, clear lines and elegant decoration, simple and easy way of assembling recreates decoration furniture is concise and practical advantages. Second, imports of raw materials of medium density fiberboard (MDF) as '' the main material of mantel, exquisite wood veneer decals, high gloss, fullness, high hardness, high wear resistance of PU paint and multiple process of archaize NC paint covering surface, make the texture itself become a kind of decoration, from different angles under different light feeling, let the light and shade effect become beautiful. The man-made board cover and chemical paint to perfect union. Three, the craft is the introduction of Germany, Italy, Taiwan and other countries and regions of advanced equipment and technology, make many complex manual craft simple assembly line production, carefully selected materials, finely crafted of carving process, fine grinding of every production process, more show the honorable not copy. 4, quality control, China's domestic mantel and Europe and the United States in the style and quality of traditional product maintains highly consistent. From the factory to produce each product through layer upon layer the quality of the production line to test, and packaging only after they have passed the warehousing, storage and then through the third party inspection sampling qualified before leaving the factory sales. Sales to customers in the hands of each products are through all kinds of strict test, hardness test, water test of raw materials, paint adhesion test, packaging product after drop test, transportation test, also according to the environment and climate in different parts of the country, specially designed in + 40 ° - — - 28 ° environment cycle five huge cold huge thermal simulation test, to ensure that sales around the stability of product quality, To ensure the products sent to the south market not easy be affected with damp be affected with damp, sent to the north market will not deformation cracking) Consistent with the international quality and continuously improve quality standards, '' product quality pursuit. Five, environmental protection with the development of the society and the progress of science and technology, environment and the environmental protection consciousness of the world watches, fireplace all man-made board all the product is used in line with the European CE certification standards, and through the China CCC certification, the quality of the products meet the European quality requirements, the use of green environmental protection material is a major products are responsible for the health of consumers. Above is little simba summarizes some, don't know you to look at what's idea? Of course, there are more styles to choose from, consultation of more combinations, there is always a is your favorite!
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