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Lighting market

by:Longjian     2020-10-16
Essential life, lighting, then lighting lamps and lanterns is closely linked with our life, need home lighting in the home, for example: light sitting room, dining-room lamp, absorb dome light, desk lamp, etc. Outdoor need outdoor lighting, such as: the street lamp, etc. Years, there are data and survey, guzhen lighting market have obvious signs, why? According to the analysis, the lamp ACTS the role of the market rebound has three major causes: first of all, the export market is relatively stable, China's biggest exporter to boost the us economy and the smooth conducive to China's lighting manufacturing purchasing; Secondly, stabilizing in China's real estate market, and in some cities such as shenzhen, guangzhou month volume return to the levels of five years ago; Again, investors in Chinese stock market profits and direct stimulation and boost domestic consumption.
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