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Lighting lamps and lanterns of study of | how to layout and collocation?

by:Longjian     2020-10-01
Lamps and lanterns should study how to layout and collocation? Family is the space that we can study and work, the study of natural light to our eyes hurt is relatively small, so during the day as long as the desk where daylighting is good. But at night, then we have to use the light to assist us, so how can the lights to minimize the harm of eyes, still can foil the atmosphere of the study? Now, lamp act the role ofing to say and you simple lamps and lanterns should study how to layout? 1. Lights in the study of the number of lamp act the role ofing, unfavorable and overmuch, generally is two or three light advisable. A main light, and then put a desk lamp on the desk. If there is a tea table, or any other table, you can also use a floor lamp, in order to move at any time. 2. Avoid reading with colored lights, the light is too harsh or too dim will cause harm to the eyes. Too flashy lights will also make a person dazzling, too tired, so avoid glare and lights in the study. Desk lamp wants the even ground illuminate is reading the place that writes a word shoulds not be too close, lest strong smooth dazzling. 3. A desk lamp and shoot the fluorescent lamp is used in our study, fluorescent lamp attune slants cold ( Cold light) , you can place a small desk lamp on the table, Warm light) Dead space, can make up for the fluorescent lamp lighting, also can add warmth. Decorate in the bookcase area can shoot the light, facilitate read and search a literature. 4. The shape of the lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of study of shape is very important, square itself to give a person a kind of feeling, that will make host can focus more, study or work is all-consuming. And if the men of his own itself is more conservative, can use circular lamp act the role ofing to warm oneself dignified temperament. Also let oneself become more amiable kind. Above is the small make up for everybody introduction, a few tips about family when the study decorates lamps and lanterns, hope can help to you!
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