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Light wood modern wind 3 home [ Contemporary and contracted LED droplight]

by:Longjian     2020-10-15
Light wood modern wind 3 home [ Contemporary and contracted LED droplight] Side door porch corridor is the entire wall to receive ark and shoe ark, another side is toward the dining room eat edge ark design, embedded in central kitchen appliances use a line is unified, dining-room and sitting room TV setting use wood veneer, dining-room USES white background cultural brick, white contemporary and contracted meals chandeliers and lubricious table harmony from the direction of the door can see the design of dining-room, sitting room, study USES the full open simple and clean color, plus French window light shining, there is a fresh Nordic use low wall partition between sitting room sofa and study atmosphere, natural space space rectangular desk located behind the sofa, direction is toward the collocation of the sitting room TV setting things, wrought iron and wood panel, open cabinet put oneself in another's position of design, decoration and receive twofold effect from the direction of the study looked at the sitting room TV wall kitchen space is not large, the white has a role in the expansion of visual advocate lie to be converted into a suite, system tank and the desk design, make the bedroom that holds a small study, need not deliberately run to study bedroom is very concise, color soft, very conducive to rest source: 33 days to decorate
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